Collectivism vs. Individualism: The Secret That Can Never Be Repeated

This entry to my ever-growing repertoire of online nonsense bears many interconnected and equally-as-good titles:


Jarett Dunn

3 years ago | 3 min read

This entry to my ever-growing repertoire of online nonsense bears many interconnected and equally-as-good titles:

Why Bitcoin is Doomed To Be Censored

Similarly to The Secret, the grass-roots revolution of Magical Internet Money will find an epic doom as it’s regulated. Further and further it becomes an unwieldy monster against the conventions and institutions that define our social structures — further and further it will be locked down, measured, and persecuted.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency represent the people taking back control of their finances against banks and intermediaries — something that the ruling class will never allow, at least with any scale.

Some geeks in some basements literally bred you a function to become unequivocally free of governments and finances, and those governments and financial Gods are closing in on their prey as we speak.

It’s the same as any other financial revolution that’s existed — however briefly or ‘flash in the pan’-ly in the past, and any other future revolution that could at least arguably sever the commands and controls of the bourgeoisie. This includes things like the October Revolution.

This is the bankers and politicians securing their class — not necessarily themselves, in the case where we behead everyone who annoys us (not out of the question) — but like a poisonous frog dying to save his species, the rich protect their class, for the future rich.

Why Your Life-Savings Meds Leave You Broke

Again, aside from maybe marketing as an art, pharmaceuticals and antibiotics were some of the most important miracles of science and invention (and, at times, sheer luck) (read: not God. Not any other higher power.) in the past memory of history.

These have been hijacked and served now only through multi-national corporations that serve their stakeholders and shareholders before serving the common good.

There’s no drug coverage in Canada — at least not without being absolutely desolate and devoid of income — as government programs scale with income and you’re stuck footing the bill. There is private insurance — but that’s a scam for another entry.

Personally, and using ‘I’ statements rather than hearsay, my meds that keep me able to get out of bed without being absolutely catatonic and berated by hallucination and delusion are critical. They’re indeed $2414 every three months. That’s about half of the poverty limit according to the Canadian Revenue Agency.


This is individuals at the tippy top of our social and monetary structure ensuring the longevity of the structures themselves. This is keeping the poor poor for the sake of the exploitation itself.

Why Socialism Will Never Die

The eternal battle of collectivism vs individualism sees shifts back and forth in public sentiment — witnessing decentralization poke it’s head up with crypto and all things crypto, we can see the push back from the other half of the world’s combatants.

These folks pushing for state controlled everything and Big Government will drive their pitchforks until we see things recentralized.

It’s the Dark Side (Or Light Side? Depends which side you subscribe to..) of Star Wars. A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back. Push forth, push ho, push back, push again — back and forth, indefinitely and forever.

Why You Will Always Be Lower-Class

The chief objective of a revolution is for the middle class to overthrow the upper class. By and large, aside from really (really) (questionably so) over-covered specific instances where someone ‘makes it big,’ this is the cycle we see ourselves in and see ourselves repeating.

The slaves remain the slaves.

The features of slavery itself change over time — from straight-up no rights, to indentured servitude, to our current flavor of debt slavery.

I’ve written about it extensively before — but in short, nobody who fought and died for our current flavors of government had envisioned countries where people would need to owe in order to own capital.

The Single Worst Thing One Can Realize

It’s all pointless fighting for individualism in a collective scope.

‘If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.’


I’m thinking of running Libertarian in my local jurisdiction.


I’ve become absolutely disgusted with certain paradigms and structures.

Time to destroy them from the inside, and rebuild.


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