What are the most common mistakes people make while looking for a job

From mistakes in resume to the mistakes made during an interview, here's everything you should know


Ashwini Somawanshi

3 years ago | 4 min read

A job interview is not a test of your knowledge but your ability to use it in the right manner and at the right time

It is a known fact that recruiters often observe jobseekers making the same mistakes repeatedly over and over again.

These mistakes have now become so common that both recruiters and hiring managers get kind of genuinely surprised if a candidate does not make any of these oft-repeated errors.

Hence avoiding these errors may just make you stand out amongst the many applicants in front of the recruiter and increase your chances of a successful job search. While job hunting, Jobseekers make mistakes in their resume, job search and interviews

Sharing my experience as a recruiter as of what are the most common mistakes which jobseekers do during their job search

Things to keep in mind while making your Resume

Your resume is the key to get shortlisted for an Interview. Hence, here are some key points to making an ideal resume:

  • Many a times candidates do not update their latest resumes on job portals due to which they fail to get shortlisted, hence update your resume regularly
  • Recruiters don’t have enough time to read a lengthy resume, your resume should not be more than 1 or 2 pages
  • Your resume should be job-specific , it means you can have multiple resumes according to the job role you are searching for. Resume should highlight your core skills in an effective manner
  • Recruiters have a quick glance at your skills while they are shortlisting candidates, so you should mention only those skills at which you are highly proficient. Avoid mentioning skills which you are not aware of else it would leave a bad impact on the hiring manager
  • Your personal details should be updated most importantly like Contact No, Email ID & Location. Academic credentials in the correct chronological order along with Year of Passing and Grades has to be mentioned clearly
  • The work experience should be crisp with details such as previous employer’s name, duration of employment, gist of the job role highlighting key work areas
  • Most importantly, be Honest while writing your resume

Things to keep in mind while approaching a job recruiter

  • Focus on only one position at a time
  • The foremost and the biggest mistake job seekers make on Linkedin is while approaching a recruiter for job: Jobseekers should not send their CV randomly to all the recruiters. There should be a sincere effort to develop a good connection with the recruiter
  • Networking plays a vital role while approaching a recruiter not only on Linkedin but otherwise as well. The approach should reflect that you are willing to develop good professional relations with the recruiter before you jump on to ask about any opening for job
  • Jobseekers should go through the recruiter’s profile and understand the industry of the recruiter. You should approach only the recruiter which rightly suits and matches to the industry you are looking for. Every recruiter would not have a job for you, so develop good network connections with the appropriate and relevant recruiters
  • 90% of the jobseekers do this mistakes of sending Hi, Hello to the recruiters which should be avoided. Recruiters don’t have time to answer random Hi & Hello texts as there are hundreds of texts of other jobseekers as well. In this scenario, you need to stand apart from this crowd who send random texts by sending a well-crafted genuine personalized note or message to the recruiter
  • Jobseekers should avoid commenting “Interested” on the job opening posts as they won’t get any response from the recruiter by doing so
  • One of the highly effective methods to approach any recruiter is to share your thoughts on the recruiter’s post, have a healthy interaction in the form of comments, develop a good bond with the recruiter and then approach for a job by having a conversation in the DM section
  • Do a regular follow up after sharing the resume. Maintain a healthy professional relationship with the recruiter even if you don’t get the job
  • Last but not the least be humble, kind and grateful for the opportunity you get

Things to keep in mind during the interview

If your resume is the key, then an Interview is your door to getting a job. It is totally in your hands whether you want to open this door for yourself or not. And this depends on how you perform during the interview

Keep the following things in mind during the interview:

  • Getting nervous during the interview: Replace nervousness with a nice beautiful smile. A smiling face always transfers positive good vibes to the interviewer and helps you to stand apart from others . A genuine smile leaves a long-lastingv impact on the interviewer’s heart.
  • Be confident in how you present yourself: Being Confident during an interview means being honest with your answers and being true to yourself.
  • Many candidates do mistakes by pretending that they know even when they don’t. Never pretend your answers. Accept when you are wrong while answering questions
  • Never try to impress the interviewer, keep it natural, and just be yourself. Recruiters can easily catch over-confident candidates. Don’t try to act smart, listen to what the interviewer has to say. Have a soft polite tone while speaking with the interviewer
  • Gaining the confidence of the interviewer is a must along with having good knowledge of your domain. Balanced candidates leave a good impression on the interviewer’s mind. Be self-aware and have in-depth knowledge of the company you are interviewing for
The secret of acing a job interview is to stop believing in LUCK and Start Believing in YOURSELF


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