Comparison between Kotlin vs Java that you must know

we are going to share with you the comparison between Kotlin vs Java that you must know.


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Ever since Jetbrains developed Kotlin in late 2011, it has become developers’ favourite to create Android applications.

However, the popularity of Kotlin does not mean people are forgetting Java, even after 25 years from when it was first released Java is still consider one of the best programming languages to create Android applications. Although, developers often find themselves asking about a comparison between Kotlin vs Java that you must know.

Welcome to the Tech Pathway blog, today we are going to share with you the comparison between Kotlin vs Java that you must know. You can also use this blog if you are someone who wants to develop an Android app and wonder which languages would be best for your project.

In addition to this, if you are thinking about learning to develop Android development and wondering whether you should learn Java or Kotlin, you can also use this blog as a reference while you are deciding. 

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Kotlin is a programming language for Android development created by Jetbrains. Ever since it was initially launched it has become one of the top choices for developers to create Android applications. In addition to this, you can fact-check that Android Studio the popular framework to create Android apps also comes with Kotlin support as it comes with Java. 

In other words, you can also say that Kotlin is inspired by Java with many extra features. The languages are clean, simple, as well as use a lot fewer formalities and rules when compared to Java. However, developers still need knowledge of a basic understanding of structures and concepts.

Pinterest, Trello, Evernote, Twidere for Twitter, and Shadowsocks are a few of the famous apps developed using Kotlin programming languages. 


  • Kotlin programming language is easier to use, faster, lightweight, as well as prevent android apps from increasing in size.  
  • You will find that codes written in Kotlin are much lesser in size as well as less confusing when compared with Java. This allows developers to create applications faster and error & bug-free. 
  • In addition to this, Kotlin’s code compiles in bytecode which can be executed in the Java virtual machine. This process allows Kotlin to use all of the Java libraries and frameworks. 
  • Kotlin is also safer against NullPointerException.
  • The programming language also incorporates coroutines, as well as interoperability with Javascript for web development.


  • Kotlin isn’t popular that is why its community support is lesser than Java. 
  • Its habit of matching weak patterns and initial code readability makes it more difficult for programmers to read and understand at first. 
  • Since the programming language is very younger than Java and the community is lesser, you will find that it has fewer libraries, blog posts, and tutorials on the Internet when compared to Java. 
  • In addition to these issues, if you are starting to learn Kotlin, you will find it difficult since it has a steep learning curve because the language’s concise syntax can be a real challenge.
  • There are not so many developers for Kotlin so you will find it difficult to find one with enough experience and expertise. 



Anyone with a little knowledge about programming must have heard about Java. The programming language was initially launch in 1996 to allow programmers to develop web applications. However, later Google used Java to build the Android operating system. In other words, Java is the native language that was use to create the Android as well as android apps that use hardware to communicate with the operating system. Java is one of the very few programming languages that can create apps to use on almost any machine or operating system including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android. The languages were first developed by Microsystems and later acquired by Oracle.  Java also supports microservices. 

Spotify, Twitter, Cash App, Signal, Amaze file manager are a few of the famous app examples that are develop using Java. 


  • Java supports almost every machine, operating system, and server. This makes it a multiplatform language. 
  • Java also supports robust coding which makes apps developed in java to compromise the data or corrupt memory with other apps in the operating system. 
  • Being an object-oriented programming language, Java allows developers to easily create modules and reuse parts of the code to contribute to robustness. 
  • The languages are ready to use as soon as you install it on the system as well as you also get a lot of third-part code ready to be used. 
  • Other benefits of Java are that it is easy to use, makes debugging, compiling, as well as deployment is even easier. 
  • Since Java is open-source there is so much community support including Google, Apache, and others. 


  • Even Java is not all mighty and still needs improvement, for example, Java’s Syntax and code are confusing and complicated when you compare it with other languages like Python and C++. 
  • You cannot access certain content that is incompatible or being use by the hardware. 
  • Developers often find it difficult to access the new Java enhancement in mobile app development. 
  • In order to test the app, you need to write more code which makes it prone to errors and bugs. 
  • Although Java has great features and functionality it is a little slower when compare to other programming languages. 

How Kotlin is better than Java and future proof

Kotlin vs Java
Kotlin vs Java
  • Same as Java, Kotlin also compiles in Bytecode. This is why it can use most of the Java libraries and frameworks. In addition to this, because Kotlin is also compile with Bytecode and runs on a virtual machine, it can run on any machine or operating system. In other words, once a Kotlin code is compile, it can be sent to the JVM for the execution process. 
  • Even Kotlin does not have nearly enough community support like Java programming language. However, because Kotlin vs Java as a base, it can use its libraries and frameworks to make up for its loss. In addition to this, Kotlin is also easier to integrate with Gradle, maven, and other build systems. 
  • Kotlin can be learned quickly as well as since it uses less confusion code than Java, it is approachable for new programmers. 
  • JetBrains also integrated a newer function in its framework which automatically changes Java into Kotlin making it faster and saving a lot of time. 
  • Using lesser code and security than Java are other benefits of Kotlin. 
  • There is so much less risk of the Adoption of Kotlin due to its interoperability with Java.
  • Kotlin has a straightforward code review and the learning curve and developers can learn it quickly.
  • When Kotlin vs Java, it has a strong customer service team with a solid reputation. 
  • Kotlin programming language is a combination of functional and procedural programming.
  • Businesses can use Kotlin for any development, such as client web side, server-based, or Android.
  • Kotlin is here to stay and continuously grow. Developers across the globe have sensed this and are making changes. 

Looking for Kotlin languages developer

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