A Complete Guide on How to Develop an E-Commerce Platform

We will build an Ecommerce Platform from Scratch using Vue.js and Spring Framework



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In this course, you will learn how to build an e-commerce platform from scratch. First, you have to be familiar with Java and Springboot, which we will use to build the backend and Vuejs for the frontend.

You can test the application here.

Live Demo


What we are going to build

1. Building user profile (sign up & sign in)

In this tutorial, we will learn how to implement authentication of users.



Signup + Login

2. Admin Panel: Add Product and Categories

Every e-commerce app need products organised into categories

So now let’s add the products and categories section to our app

In this tutorial, we will display the products and the categories of various products in our app.

Clicking on a particular product will show its details and also the options for buying it, adding to the cart, and adding to the wishlist section.

Backend + Android

Image upload service

We will develop a file upload service, which will be used for image upload in our e-Commerce App using Java Spring Boot

Backend + Frontend for Product

3. Building Front end for Customers

After building the admin panel, now we are going to show products to customers.

4. Adding a Wishlist Feature

In this tutorial, we will implement the feature for saving the products not in the cart but in the wishlist section.

5. Shopping Cart Feature

In this tutorial, we will implement the important feature of any e-commerce app i.e shopping cart.

6. Checkout using Stripe

In this tutorial, we will implement yet another important feature of any e-commerce app i.e. payment method

payment page provided by Stripe

7. Place Order and Order History Feature

Next Step, we will implement the feature for placing the order and displaying the order history of a particular user.


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