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JavaScript, JavaScript, JavaScript!!!

JavaScript is everywhere! JavaScript is over the entire Internet & If you want to become a FrontEnd Developer or Full-Stack Developer then it's not possible without knowledge of JS. Here I will show the complete Roadmap to learn JavaScript. I will dividing this blog into three parts. The first part basically consist of learning of basics of JavaScript, second part includes implementing learning of JavaScript And third part will be making projects using JavaScript.

let's get started:

First Part:-

1)W3 Schools

So, we'll start from scratch. So, If you're complete beginner then you have to start from W3 Schools and you've start from syntax, data types, functions, objects etc. So, here next section is "JS Versions" you don't need to go through it. next section is "JS Objects" and it is most important thing because everthing is JS is Object. and next section is "JS Functions" you've to go through it. next section is "JS Classes" If you're complete beginner then you can skip it. you can study this later. next section is "JS Async" . Yes, you can study it. now, go to next section "JS HTML DOM".this is the most important thing after knowing above all things to work in JS. next section is "JS Browser BOM" and its good to know. You should also read about "JS AJAX" and "JS JSON" those are easy topics and that also good to know. "JS Web APIs" these are additional things. So, just read all things which I've mentioned here and nothing to worry if you don't understand something or get stuck. Here is your next solution. you should just get to know something from reading and atleast something.

2) Traversy Media

This is the best channel for the web development on YouTube and this is my favourite channel. His style of teaching is amazing and here is a list of video in Vanila JavaScript playlist. now, you already know basics from W3 Schools. so, now you can watch video at 1.5x speed. Now, you've to watch JavaScript Crash Course for Beginners from the playlist and need to complete DOM crash course from the playlist and that's it. no, need to watch other videos. So, now you know the basics of JavaScript and you know DOM, so, now, is time to get introduced to ES6 feature.

Vanilla JavaScriptShare your videos with friends, family, and the

3) Traversy Media

Now is time to watch the JavaScript ES6/ ES2015 Tutorials. and here is the playlist for it and dont worry if you dont understand something. now, is the time for next amazing stuff.

JavaScript ES6 / ES2015 TutorialsShare your videos with friends, family, and the

4) Akshay Saini

So, Namaste JavaScript is the amazing playlist by Akshay Saini Bhaiya . This guy is awesome and he teaches in such a nice simple way that you just love it and It will make your doubt clear completely. He explain complicated topic in very simple way and he cover lots of thing like How JavaScript work behind scenes and some hard topics like ClosuresCallback FunctionsAsynchrounus JavaScript and Event LOOP and many more things.

Namaste 🙏 JavaScriptNamaste JavaScript is a pure in-depth JavaScript Course released for Free on Youtube. It will cover the core concepts of JavaScript in detail and

now, you're at stage where you learned the Basic of JavaScript and some most important questions which are asked in interview. and so you've covered everything. and still you're missing something and that you dont have hands on coding experience and for that lets move to the next.

Second part:-

5) freeCodeCamp

Now, here is the course for JavaScript and Data Structure and Algorithm & here these are very small things which you've to code but you'll get that confidence to code. you can practice Basic JavaScript and ES6 feature here. you can skip regular expression here. you've to practice debugging also. Basic structure is also good to do but its optional. Object Orieneted Programming is important. Functional Programmmingis also important as well. and free code camp 5 projects that you can complete and get certificate as well. certificate is not more important but what important is what you've learned. now, we have done studied things and some hands on experience from FCC. so, now, is the time for some projects.

Third Part:-

Time for Projects!!!

Now , Go back to JavaScript Traversy Media playlist . so, Here you need to watch video and follow along the video by coding and there is nothing wrong with while watching video to code your project. but thing is you need to undertand that how things are working. You should not copy source code directly because its given Instead of that you need to code with your fingers. now, move on to something amazing.

6) JavaScript30

Vanila Javascript is 30 day challange and It is nothing but No Frameworks, No Compliers, No Libraries, No Boilerplate. Register for the challange and you need to complete 30 projects in 30 day. and if you've done all this things and still you don't feel confidence with JavaScript then its complete fine. you don't need to learn everything because JavaScript is vast ocean and you'll learn with the time and get better. Now what you can do is push all the JavaScript project to your GitHub and by that your GitHub contribution looks beautiful & your GitHub account grow and once you get strong with JavaScript then learning frameworks will be much easier. So,these are the resources which I'm using for my learning. and now you can add many functionality to your portfolio using JavaScript and now, you know HTML, CSS, BootStrap and JavaScript and that's awesome things. now, you're ready to build something amazing. and now you can take your developer job easily with these awesome Projects with your Built Portfolio.

Just know that it does become easier as time goes on. Concepts that were hard at one time will seem trivial 6 months from now. Enjoy yourself and trust the process. - Jack Forge

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