Your Comprehensive Checklist Before Starting Any Online Meeting

Thorough guidelines toward mastering online meetings. This article provides some useful tips to cope


Nawar Alani

3 years ago | 2 min read

If you are working online, you need to have a peek at these crucial factors!

The video conferencing services has seen an immense surge in popularity and usages as the novel COVID-19 is pushing people into remote work environments. It doesn’t matter if you work remotely if you work from home, or you work from an office, chances are you are using web conferencing software more and more often.

Online meetings may be a regular part of a team’s daily workflow, but how to make them maximally efficient seems to be a bit tricky.

How do you ensure you cover everything that needs covering before going online? The following tips will help you get the most out of online gatherings.

1-Check your gadgets

First of all, you need to test the working efficiency of your devices (e.g., computer, phone, tablet, etc.). In other words, check the battery because it might be run out of charge, sometimes the computer doesn’t run smoothly, so you need to restart it. Updates are expected and may take some time. You may also examine the app you are going to use before the meeting. It is better to turn on your computer; or whatever gadgets you will use an hour earlier before the meeting time.

2-Check your Internet stability

Sluggish internet performance and lag time can occur commonly due to many reasons, the design of applications, internet infrastructure, internal applications, or connections to any public internet. In this regard, canceling or postponing the meeting for a while is the most desirable decision until the internet becomes stable again because no one would like to listen to your breaking up voice.

Having a UBS device would be a great asset to this problem and the first one in case the electricity is cut off. Whether it’s your fault or not, it can be difficult for people to disassociate you from the difficulties.

3-Check the audio and the camera

Being a professional means acting professionally. Any online participant should have a good quality camera and microphone. Being visual and audible is of paramount importance in the workplace. Test them earlier to the meeting and make sure they are all set up.

Talking only without showing your face will give a bad impression about you, and attendees may misunderstand your message. Namely, facial expressions are a crucial factor in such situations.

4-Check the lightning

Lightning is the camera’s best friend; you can’t start a video without having a very well lit. Nobody wants to appear as a ghost or have a blurry image on the camera. Consequently, it’s preferable to place the lightning in front of you and choose the light level suits you the best.

5-Check you your attire carefully

Affirm that you dress elegantly and according to the meeting you are attending. It is astonishing to add a bit of sophistication and class to your everyday outfits. What is more, the points above( supplement each other and they constitute an experienced team.

6-Check your place

You want people to listen to you and understand you well. Hence, Sit in a peaceful, serene, and quiet room, where the environment is ready for you to start your business comfortably. Stay away from any distractions that will disturb you and affect your meeting negatively.

Having taken the points above into consideration, it is clear that holding successful online sessions is not an easy job, but it is manageable at the same time. If the person were to apply what is mentioned in this article, his/her online meeting would be healthier and he/she will have been put to the right use of these web tools.


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