How Do I Connect With Bloggers?

There are five ways through which you can connect with other bloggers


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There are five ways through which you can connect with other bloggers - Comment on their blog posts, follow them on social media, ask them for interviews, link to their posts on your blog, and promote their blog posts on your social media. Let's check these out one at a time.

1. Comment on Their Blog Posts

One of the easiest ways to connect with a blogger is by commenting on their blog posts.

Bloggers like it when the engagement on their blog posts increases. For this, you'll have to shortlist the bloggers with whom you want to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Now, go to their blogs and check out the latest blog posts that they have published.

Do not waste your time in commenting on the older posts because bloggers won't notice that. They will, however, keep tabs on the comments on their latest posts.

Go to their posts and leave a comment, telling them what you liked about it. You should not use generic terms and one-liner compliments like 'Awesome post,' 'Good work,' and likewise.

Be specific in your comment and tell them the parts of their post that you found interesting.

In the end, please leave your e-mail ID and request them to get in touch with you. Make sure that you mention their benefits and your expectations from the potential relationship.

2. Follow Them on Social Media

If the question of how you can connect with bloggers is still bothering you - try following them on social media platforms. You'll find their social media profiles on their blogs.

Bloggers don't hesitate in advertising their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram handles on their blogs.

If you want to contact any of the bloggers, you must follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. After following them, get their attention by commenting on their social media posts.

Do not go overboard in this one. You wouldn't want to come out as desperate.

Try to be polite and appreciate them on their social media posts. Once they start replying to your comments, it's your cue to move to direct messaging (or the DMs). Message them on Instagram or Facebook and ask for their cooperation.

Be respectable and reasonable with your expectations.

3. Ask them for Interviews

How do I connect with bloggers? - Try asking them for an interview. Tell the bloggers that you'll feature them in your blog and mention the usual benefits like more exposure, credibility, and image build-up.

By asking them for an interview, you automatically gave them the recognition they wanted, and they'll be able to feel good about themselves. No blogger, in their right mind, would ever reject such a free publicity proposal.

In return, you can ask them to share their interview (essentially your blog post's link) on their social media platforms. You'll get a lot of traction from there. In the end, you'll have built a mutually beneficial relationship with other bloggers.

4. Link Their Posts in Your Blog Posts

How do I connect with bloggers? - Increase their inbound links by linking their posts in your blog posts.

Who doesn't love free inbound links? It's great for SEO and benefits the bloggers in the long term. Bloggers actually pay other bloggers to have their links on blog posts. You are essentially doing this for free. Well, not exactly. You are looking for a mutually beneficial trade.

Find out the content pieces which can be linked somewhere in your blog post. Make sure that it's a 'DoFollow' link and not a 'NoFollow.' After linking their blog posts in your own posts, contact them on their social media or through their e-mail.

Let them know what you have done. Subsequently, request the bloggers to either share your blog or give a link back to your blog.

5. Promote Their Blog Posts on Your Social Media

Promoting other bloggers' posts on your social media handles is a great way to connect with those bloggers. Go to their blog posts, use the share option, and tag the blogger in your shared post.

You can even share their social media posts directly. Bloggers usually share their blogs on their social media. You can give them likes and share their post directly from there. By doing so, you won't have to tag them separately to let them know because they will get the notification that you've shared their post.

These were the five most common and effective ways to get in touch with other bloggers.


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