What you should consider before choosing an industry or asset to invest in.


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Serial Entrepreneurship is a hustle like no other, but many serial entrepreneurs create foundational income and passive income from multiple businesses or various skills. Serial Entrepreneurship also requires time, dedication, and, most importantly, money. Investing is one of the most extraordinary financial concepts because you can build a skillset, gain extensive knowledge and create income.

But before investing in anything, one question to ask yourself is, “does this type of investment align with my lifestyle? In the futuristic world, there are several types of assets: Stocks, Bonds, Property, Mutual funds, Crypto, Foreign Exchange Currencies, Exchange Trade Funds, Art, and Commodities. In addition, you seek short, mid, or long-term returns and wealth when investing for or into something. Having these questions critically assessed, you can concisely choose what type of investments you want.

Most importantly, it would be best if you understood why you are investing and the purpose of your investments. Are you investing for yourself, for generations, or are you trying to pick up a new skill? Basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal stated Jeff Bezos stated, “If you invest in things that will change people’s lives, you will receive an excellent return.” That entails that investments are not just money; they are also about others, the same as entrepreneurship.


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