How to Make Your Content Flow Effectively

Content is king; its creator, not inspirator, is the king of kings


Olawale Kayode

3 years ago | 2 min read

It was one of those inspirational moments.

I felt rigor course through my brain, as it made my body alive. Ideas transpired in my mind in a network of powerful and instant connections.

A sense of purpose glowed through my words warming the subtle parts of me. Direction, I felt that. Eureka! I dare say heathens will see visions.

A mad man with a mirage sense of accomplishment. It looks real when, in fact, “a dead end.” Not until now, the dead-end is a condition, not a stop. A condition that was soon to be overcome.

Epiphany moments drift unsteadily — be it writing, painting, or singing. Inspirations are not permanent in a man’s life. It comes and goes in waves.

You, then, wonder why you need to try at all. It will come again. If it doesn’t, you seek it out in high hopes — you seek thrills. Trust me; it’s horrible when you feel like this. It’s ugly and depressing at the same time.

On a sultry summer afternoon, I was sitting by the university’s hallway staring blandly at the screen on my laptop. I was unsure of what to write for my essay. I wanted to feel an inspiration: the optimum desire and drive to exceed my professor’s expectations.

I wanted the perfect essay.

While trapped in my cobweb thoughts of perfection, a tutor — while noticing me from a distance — approached me to ask about my concerns.

He wore a pleasant look, and his demeanor was endearing.
I explained my predicament, but the words that hit me after those changed my viewpoint towards life. “There are no perfect essays,” his words to me. It stifled me a bit.

With inspirations — there are,” I had told him lightly. He just reciprocated with a warm smile. He continued: “Inspiration stems from experience and free flow.

An experienced singer/writer of many years in his career — who understands segmentation — will appeal to people of his niche. It isn’t inspiration, rather an experience.” I nodded solemnly; It was simply automatic.

I took a marketing course shortly thereafter, and it disproved my myth of inspiration. Marketing a brand needs neither inspiration, but content.

Relevant content. Engaging content. Entertaining content. The goal of these contents is to inspire, help, teach, and entertain your audience.

Epiphany moments focus on your inspiration. Content, on the other hand, focuses on the idea of helping others; it inspires others.
Instead of grappling over the fear of being inspired, make it your aim to inspire your audience.

Ask yourself these questions: "What are the needs of my audience? How can I communicate with my audience? How can I connect with my audience?"

The 21st century age has brought untold numbers of content. Information — both good and bad — is accessible at your fingertips. It is essential then to build a reputation of trust with your content.

Relevant content, hence, builds trust and accelerates your value with your customer or reader. Engaging content builds awareness, establishes authority, and connects with your audience.

Your goal isn’t how you feel about yourself (inspiration) — but how others feel, as to appeal, and to inspire your audience (content). The beauty of marketing your content!


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