How to make your content more linkable

Make your content more linkable


Simon Ambros

3 years ago | 2 min read

A phrase that you may hear frequently when it comes to SEO is that “content is king”. Your website does depend on 200 other rank factors to determine where search engines will position it, but on-page SEO makes up for a considerable amount of these factors.

Good content refers to more than just having lots of words, but also means, including the right keywords (keyword research), making sure they are included the right amount of times, and interlinking. Not to mention h-tags and content structure.

If all of this seems impossible to grasp, then you may be better off working with a digital marketing consultant or marketing expert.

Why do links matter?

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors that search engines look at when ranking your webpage. There are many ways to get links, although they are based on the assumption that your content worth linking to.

Type any product or service into Google and the first page of results will be filled with SEO-optimized pages, that people have spent time creating quality content for. In order to outrank these pages, you must have better content and links. There are many ways in which you can get links to your content, here are a few;

Infographics and images – If you create infographic’s that are of a high quality and people want to use them on their content. it is likely that you will get links to it. Although, as images an infographics do not have anchors, they might not be as powerful as some in-text links might be.

Blog posts – If you own a website that is for a local store or ecommerce brand, then you may want to add blog posts to your website. These blog posts are great for bringing in new traffic and are much better for getting other websites to link to, instead of expecting links directly to your product.

Many business-owners work with copywriters to produce this content, but if you have been a business owner and can spare an hour a week writing, then it is wise to do so.

Interactive resources – On some websites you may see things like calculators and quizzes that relate to the theme of that website. For example, on many health related sites, there are things like macro and micro-nutritional calculators.

Buzzfeed is a great example, as they often do quizzes along the lines of “what pizza would you be”. These interactive elements are appealing for websites when creating content and often link to them.

It’s just not working!

What should you do if this is the case? In the event that you have created amazing content of all kinds, but still cannot seem to attract other websites owners to link to it, then you may need to outsource these efforts.

Working with digital marketing experts is one way in which you can ensure that you reach your targets. However, working with an expert can sometimes be costly. We suggest that you take the time to research an agency or freelancer that is transparent with their work.


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