Control Your Child's Myopia Progression

How to control Myopia progression in your child?


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Nearsightedness, commonly known as myopia, is a common vision condition in which objects up close appear clearly, but objects farther away appear blurry. It is caused by the elongation of the eye and can be hereditary. However, it has been found that an increasing amount of time spent indoors and using digital devices and less time spent outdoors can also contribute to myopia development. 

Control Myopia Progression with Myopia Control Lenses

To control myopia progression, one can consider options such as myopia control lenses, which can slow down the elongation of the eye and reduce the progression of myopia, or Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) which is a non-surgical method that temporarily reshapes the cornea while you sleep. Additionally, spending more time outdoors and participating in regular visual activities and exercises can also be helpful in controlling myopia progression. It's important to consult with an eye doctor to understand which method is best suited for you and your child.

Lifestyle shifts coupled with hereditary genes contributes mostly to the increase in your child's myopia. A child's myopia is very likely to be worst than his parents at a much younger age, and it is unavoidable for your child to spend more time in front of screen and less time outdoors for school or play. Start controlling your child's myopia progression with best-in-class solutions for a better quality of life at foptics.

FAQs on Myopia Control Lenses

1. Why is Myopia Control Important?

It is important to manage the progression of your kid's myopia before it's too late. Studies have shown that a kid's myopia will very likely be higher than their parents' as they approach adulthood. Coupled with the increase in the amount of near work for school or play, myopia progression remains a concern when compared to previous generations. Myopia management lenses will help your kid in slowing down the increase of myopia and give a better standard of living for the future. 

2. What is Myopia Control Lens? 

Myopia management lenses are fully customised lenses with treatment zones that prevent eye elongation, which is the primary cause of increased myopia. Myopia management lenses are also non-intrusive which makes it easy for kids to start using this solution with their favourite glasses frames.

3. Are Myopia Control Lenses Effective?

According to the data shared at the recent Asian Optometric Congress, myopia management lenses are the most effective solution to slow down myopic progression, even when compared to other clinical solutions. For more holistic myopia management, parents can also consider using both myopia management lenses and myopia management eye drops safely together. 

4. What is the Best Lens for Myopia?

Currently, the best-in-class myopia management lenses is Essilor's Stellest. Essilor's Stellest is known to slow down myopia progression by 67% on average when compared to normal lenses, when worn 12 hours a day. With Essilor's industry-leading track record for lenses research, Essilor is at the fore-front of myopia management research resulting in the production of the most up-to-date myopia management solutions.

5. How does Myopia Control Lenses Work?

Different versions of myopia management lenses work differently. In the case of Essilor's Stellest lenses, there are treatment zones all around the lenses which resemble a golf ball's design, except the lens centre where your kid will look through. While your kid uses the glasses as though a normal pair, the treatment zones will send a slow down signal to the eyes, acting as a shield against eye elongation.

6. When is the Best Time to Start Myopia Control?

The best time to start myopia management is at the onset of myopia development. As your kid grows, the spherical prescription will start from positive (+) and turn to negative (-), which is the perfect time to start managing myopia. Consult our qualified Optometrists to plan for your kid's myopia management and start the journey right.


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