“COOL” is The-In-Thing! Know your brain and clear the unwanted.

How will you download new YouTube videos and podcasts when your device is unable to receive even WhatsApp messages?


Nishtha Gehija

3 years ago | 6 min read

What would you do if your phone’s storage (of 32/256 GB) became full? 

How will you download new YouTube videos and podcasts when your device is unable to receive even WhatsApp messages?

Well if you are smart, you’ll delete the unnecessary stuff. If you’ve money to waste, then of course who cares…

That’s exactly the case with our brain. People often quote we use less than 10% of our brain’s capacity. The question is what in the world happens to the remaining 90%? 

These are the very people who have trouble investing 10% of their income, they use 90% of what they earn, and they are not able to use what they already have?

And that too brain? Which is only ONE, could never be transplanted and is being treated worse than a smartphone that could be replaced with a few thousand bucks?

Seems like a cliché, no?

The brain speaks for itself: it’s irreplaceable!
The brain speaks for itself: it’s irreplaceable!


Not really, because the brain is actually filled with a lot of meaningless stuff, for example:

  • I was not applauded for my hard work
  • My social media stats are lesser than the guy who is younger than me
  • My client commented on my competitor’s post
  • That person cut me off in traffic, not knowing how I much hurry I was in 
  • Of course, not to forget, that my dog didn’t like the biscuits I baked with so much care

At the outright, it seems so illogical and maybe even hilarious, sadly, this is what most of us do when in the middle of a self-created prison.

Fortunately, it’s a self-created prison of three feet. 

What people can see is just those bars in the three feet and think they are trapped; which they are, as long as they do not move. They not only don’t move; they also expect someone else to release them from those.

This is how the majority lives their life.

Then we come across “influencers” on social media – who are absolutely shining in every aspect of their lives – online and offline and we wonder, what is it that they have that I don’t?

Probably I was born at the wrong time.

Maybe Saturn in my horoscope needs to nudge a little bit.

Maybe I am doomed to be unlucky since childhood.

Stop it; please stop saying the words for yourself that you won’t ever say for someone you love. It ain’t about what your stars hold, it is all about how much of the practices and systems you adopt in your days to reach to those peaks.

Those influencers who send you emails of their sales while they were holidaying in Mexico, need to add a few more pictures of their hustles – when they gave up parties for work, when they distanced themselves from negative people, what inner fire and resilience kept them going, and also what was absolute “yes” and “no’s” for them on this rise upward.

Let your brain sit back. Relax. But: STAY HUMBLE, HUSTLE HARD!

Alas, since they don’t do it, please allow yours truly to share a few ways to stay emotionally resilient and relevant, and to make sure you stay focused and do not give up until everything you do becomes an example for ones witnessing, like our unanimous favourite, Gary Vee

  1. If you’ve nothing good to say, say nothing: You’ve just realized there is a virus in your laptop and it has stopped working completely. Does it make sense for me to come and tell you loudly that your computer is not working, while you are already at the service centre getting it repaired?

This is what most people do – they figure out what’s wrong with other person and believe it’s their responsibility to change them.

It perhaps isn’t. The other person is already struggling hard to deal with it. In case they aren’t, chances are minimal they’d listen to our #honestadvice. 

More than anything else, in this world of unending competition and vying for attention, what people need is a bit of appreciation and validation, that they are right, that they matter, and that they mean something. 

There’s a reason why the swan which filters milk from water, is revered more than a crow – which is always accessible.

2. Move: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we were designed to move. If you have happened to listen to the first-hand experience of someone who has survived a natural calamity, the will always narrate that no rats or dogs or any other fauna were victimized because of it.

How does it happen? Since animals move around a lot, their intuition is at its peak and they always know what’s next. Here there are humans, with flat screens and round bellies, thinking they will get everything right while sitting in front of the screen.

No one got their life-changing ideas while working. Steve Jobs took long walks with Jony Ive, the mind behind iPhone – which changed the history for all of us.

Move people move, perhaps 10% rule is good to start with. For every 30 minutes of sitting, stand up and move for 3 minutes.

You may, of course, skip this step, not everyone is in need of great ideas, some people are simply happy being mediocre.

3. Use the QnA rule: Confused? Not able to move forward? Not able to find a conclusion despite repeated efforts? 

Cool. Learn to talk with yourself. How do you do that, people might think you are crazy, right? You can do it when you move around taking breaks from work. 

Another way could be talking with yourself in Q&A form on a piece of paper. The beautiful reality is, we have answers to all our questions; just the speed of thoughts is so high that the clutter is getting further muddled up. 

Q&A is just the best way to be self-aware, and get out of those three-feet prison bars, especially in a world when people would do a PhD. on others and do not know anything about the one in the mirror.

4. The Snazzy Vulnerability: No, I’m not asking you to lay your darkest secrets in open, to people you have just met. That’s desperation, not vulnerability.

In the professional world we live in, vulnerability means getting out of way and extending a gesture of connecting with another human being. It could be researching someone’s LinkedIn profile and sending a message of appreciation, it could be calling up your cousin who is putting wonderful videos on Instagram daily, it could also be being grateful for the office boy who works for you.

A lot of the things in life – happiness, fulfilment, inner calm – are already there in front of us, waiting for our attention. 

When we make deliberate attempt to do that, the reason why we are in business – which is, to make an impact, to make money, and to leave a legacy – all become inevitable when inner architecture is mastered.

5. The Mom-Test: This is The Ultimate Masterstroke. Too many projects to get done, too many DMs to respond do, too many pitches to send, too many connections to form – it is understandable in a world of so much to do, people lose a connection with why they are doing it, and also how they are doing it.

So here’s the test that works every time: Ask yourself, “If my Mom were watching me right now, would she be proud of me?” 

Yes, she is proud of your hustle and your unending work ethic, but maybe she won’t be proud of the way you offer yourself to clients who don’t value you, maybe she won’t be proud if you overlooked your health on this quest to fame and impact, maybe she won’t be proud of you if you were rude, and maybe, maybe, maybe, she would be super proud of you if you remembered that she is the one who is your anchor and with that anchor, you could never go wrong.

In the end, I want to leave you with one piece of advice: do NOT listen to me. 

Yes, you read that right, do not listen to anything I wrote above. Listen to one thing, just one thing, from the entire article that is still clicking in your head and decide to experiment it, as we did as kids.

No matter you are from science background or not, none of us were allowed to sit in our Class 10 board exams without going through those heart-wrenching practical exams in science labs. 

The experiment is super-important, to be able to become an authority. 

Choose one, and when it works, you now have a validation that no one else with millions of followers could ever provide.


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