How To Cope with Anxiety?

Millions of people around the world suffer from various symptoms and seek to know how to control....


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Millions of people around the world suffer from various symptoms and seek to know how to control anxiety . Various symptoms can indicate an anxiety disorder, shortness of breath, headaches, eczema, insomnia, sweating, unwarranted fear, tremors, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, stomach upset, diarrhea, etc.

Each person is different and anxiety can manifest itself in infinite ways, although the ones we have discussed are usually the most common.

Why do I have anxiety?

Anxiety is a defense mechanism that your body uses to alert you. It is usually due to an excessive worry that is manifested physically about an event that will occur in the future . It can indicate fear of uncertainty or situations that you feel you are not able to control.

If you know or believe that you are suffering from anxiety and do not know what it is due to, we recommend that you analyze what present or future situations may be generating those feelings.

Many people have symptoms of anxiety but they do not know what is due to it and they relate it to physical illnesses or viruses (due to diarrhea, eczema or tremors). Over time, these symptoms can become severe or pass without the person ever knowing it was anxiety.

How can I control my anxiety?

Before trying to control anxiety , the first thing is to locate its origin , do you have a complicated test coming up? Are you going through a difficult time? Are you afraid of what may happen at your work? All of this can be the source of your anxiety.

Once you have located focus, you can think about how to fix it , if that is possible. If it is, get to work. But if it is an issue that you cannot change or control, you will have to manage it emotionally to accept it maturely or simply let it go.

For this, there are different methods. The first thing would be to go to a good therapist to help you channel your emotions to a place where they make you feel better. We recommend you to try TMS therapy which is a non medicine treatment for depression & anxiety under the supervision of specialists at TMS-NY.

You can also help yourself with a natural food supplement specially created to help relieve anxiety, stress, and complex moods.

Also, there are certain actions you can start with right now:

Take your time well

Having a lot of free time is terrible when you suffer from anxiety or a complex mood. Occupy your time and force yourself to do things - even if you don't feel like doing anything at all, it keeps your head busy. And even if it may be difficult at first, you will find that doing something new distracts you from what is worrying you.

If you wonder how to do it, here are some examples: sign up for painting, photography, cooking classes. Learn a new language, attend conferences, premieres and cycles. You can also propose to leave your house like the jets of gold or teach something that you know how to do and other people need to learn.

Practice mindful breathing

Yes, it is true that you are breathing continuously. However, you may not get it all right. You should know that a conscious and deep breathing helps you oxygenate your body and makes your emotions flow so that you can understand and accept them better.

To do this, you can practice different exercises with different durations: breathe in for 7 seconds, hold the air in your lungs for 5 seconds, exhale it for 7 or 8 seconds. You may only notice a brief relief the first time, but if you repeat it several times, you will feel the relaxation you need.

Get out of the house, get moving, exercise

Physical exercise has so many benefits to alleviate anxiety that even psychologists prescribe it as part of therapy against anxiety and also against depression.

Moving makes you feel good because it helps you deal with negative emotions like anger or fear. It also brings many other benefits: if you look better, you feel better and your self-esteem goes up.

Playing sports also helps you to occupy your time (Do you remember the first point of this article?) And therefore, to avoid the thoughts that provoke negative emotions.

In addition, sport helps you to rest better at night so that during the day you are yourself again.

You also have to pay special attention to the food you eat in times of anxiety. As you know, food is a super important factor to feel good both inside and out and it is necessary to know which foods feel better and which ones are worse.


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