How COVID enhanced the growth of online shopping Worldwide?

COVID enhanced the growth of online shopping Worldwide


Simon Ambros

3 years ago | 2 min read

The situation of 2020, has been affected by this Pandemic in many different ways, some changes have taken place in an optimistic manner, and the impact is undesirable in some ways too, the world of digitalization, and online buying and selling have progressed more than it ever has, in all these years.

The E-commerce sale has advanced, immensely during all this time of Pandemic. The online trading of items, of each and every kind has been increased, and nowadays, people have started to rely on online shopping more than any other way of shopping.

Upcoming Trends in online shopping

The digital world has been enormously evolved, and people are fully relying and depending upon the online shopping agenda.

People find it more convenient for them to buy and sell online, rather than wasting time and going out to shop. People have started to consider it the best way of shopping so far, as there is a huge change brought up due to the COVID 19 situation, there are hopes of new and more unique ways of this digital trading development.

Not only in the genre of Shopping, but the digitalization of this world has increased to a huge depth, which embraces the online sales evolution, Role of artificial intelligence, Upsurge of voice commerce, Embryonic role of Social media in E-commerce, and many other important factors are included.

People are stepping into this digital world, leaving behind the world of struggle and reality, it might be convenient in some ways, but it still is a downfall in the world of reality, the way the digital world is taking over it.

Smartphones sales

With time, the sales of smartphones have also been increased in the digital market, there are online stores for the purchasing and selling of smartphones online, even though, there are international websites through which smartphones can be shipped to Pakistan.

Local Smartphone brands have opened their own websites, to make it more convenient for the customers to purchase smartphones.

The rate of growth of smartphone sales online has increased the most during all this situation, as people are now working from home and they need a source through which they can work.

During this pandemic, smartphone brands have also decreased the price to increase the sale of their smartphones, Price of Apple mobiles have also been decreased to around 20 percent to increase the sale in this Pandemic.

Online Order of Electronics

The electronic industry, such as the LEDs, Refrigerators, Air conditioners, and other electronic products, such as many other kitchen appliances, has also stepped into the world of online trading and marketing, as it is risky for everyone to step out of their homes and go for shopping.

Now there have been, online stores for such electronic appliances as well, and they can be bought online, in an ordinary range of price, many of the electronic product brands have also run sales on their websites to entice the customers, and to increase the sales of their products.

Appliances included, Kettles, Fryers, Grilling machines, Toasters, sandwich makers, Rice maker, Roti makers, and many more other electrical appliances are obtainable online, at a more reasonable and affordable price. Home appliances usage has also been increased during this Pandemic, as everyone has to stay home and spend more time at their houses.

The world has drifted toward Online and digital marketing and trading, even though people are also doing their jobs online, working from home. Everything is eventually shifting to the digital way of doing it, and this leads to progress in the world of E-commerce.


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