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If your goal is important to you, then “it will be good if it’s done”. Just by wishing it will not work.


Parag Rudani

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“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”
Jess C. Scott

A deep message is hidden in the seed of the word Desire . The word Desire is made up of two Latin words.

means stars and luck and means below. So the meaning of Desire was to wait for luck for something to happen and which is going to give hidden fortune ahead.

In my experience, the basic sense of words never changes because even after 1800 years, if you look in the dictionary today, Desire means

“to long or hope for something to happen”.

We can easily see that only the desire is a very weak mantle force. You cannot do anything else on the strength of Desire alone.

If your goal is important to you, then “it will be good if it’s done”. Just by wishing it will not work.

1. Burning Desire

For example, to keep the fire burning continuously, you have to constantly put wood and fuel etc. in it. In the same way, you have to keep the strong fire of this desire intact with your imagination and visualization from your thoughts and your actions. Hence it is called Burning Desire . If you really want to achieve something, then your desire should be .

Friends, we get a direct answer to this big question. How is any goal achieved?

If you have a desire for a difficult purpose, then it is your job to increase that desire in a positive way because when you have an unbroken desire in you, then you know that you will never give up, because whatever happens this desire will Will not let you stop.

Desire + Determination + persistence = Burning Desire

So friends, the next question is

2. How to create Burning Desire?

Napoleon Hill explains in his book which we can use for burning desire.

They further says that Thomas Edison had read these steps and said that these steps are very necessary to complete any goal. Those who understand how the mind-instruments work cannot deny these steps.

  1. write in definite words on the paper what you want to achieve.
  2. Write down what price are you willing to pay to meet this goal
  3. Enter the date on which your round will be completed
  4. Write a simple plan and take immediate action
  5. After taking action, write the above things in a small sentence

Eg. “I, parag rudani have become a successful dr, entrepreneur or xyz by 15 august 2021. For this, from now on I leave every negative thought, fear, laziness and weakness. I am ready to change my limiting bailiff system and habit. I am ready to put my full mental and physical capacity into it. I am ready to give it 24 hours a day for the next 1 year for my goal. To do all this, I will complete these three plans. Plan A, B and C.”

In the next step, Napoleon says that…

6. Read This Statement Aloud 2 Times A Day. Once Before Sleeping At Night And Once After Waking Up In The Morning.

Initially it will look strange but still read aloud and feel that you have completed these goals.

Now Let’s look at the concepts hidden behind the simple-looking process.

3. Origin of Desire

Where does Desire arise from?

Desire is born with a sudden thought.

We get 60000 thoughts every day. Thoughts that come and go, they do not have power, but the ideas that generate interest take the form of desire. Desire Those who are prevented by Concentration and the desire which get the air of imagination for a long time, take the form of Burning Desire.

Napoleon Hill says that the first quality for this is…

4. The Definition of Purpose

Whatever you desire, a clear form should be in front of your eyes. Just as you cannot fall in love with a blurred photo, as long as you do not have a certain form of your desire in front of your eyes, you cannot be attracted to it and cannot think of it again and again.

If you have to take the exam then you should be clear in your mind that I will get at least such a rank in the exam next year or I will be able to stand the business of so much turnover till next year.

5. Write

The second part of the definiteness is to write down your own goals and think how to complete it?

Make a plan, even if it is not good enough, and come into action today.

It is possible that our plan is incomplete but as of today you know that it is your truth. Complete it honestly because the plan starts with planning, action and correction.

6. Success Consciousness

The next important concept for burning desire is Success Consciousness.

Read good literature or Books every day. 15–30 minutes will be enough. Reading is more effective than video or audio because in reading you have to concentrate more.

and If you see failures and failures, then you cannot create a burning desire.

7. Desire follows Determination

Burning Desire is not created without strong determination and Determination comes to the same thing when you are sure that this dream can be fulfilled i.e. you should see more success than failures.

There should be an example in your brain that this can happen.

Get to know people who have a done good work in your field. Read about their process and mindset. If you want, you can read a good book again and again.

8. Repetition

Another important concept of success conscious is repetition.

Words have a lot of power. They can produce everything from nothing. Therefore, you should repeat your desire again and again. Repeat as if that your desire has been fulfilled. Feel it in your body.

We have seen this method in affirmation and law of attraction as well.

If you do these steps properly, then the rest of your thoughts will also start turning in the direction of your original desire.

Guys, It has a very practical tip!

Put reminders in your phone and remind yourself of weekly goals again and again, also remind yourself of how important it is to complete each goal. With this, we come to the next concept.

9. Burning all ships

It has two meanings.

The first is that apart from fulfilling this desire, you should not have any other option.

The second means that there should be no more desire in your life than this desire.

10. Failure is a Seed

The last concept for Burning Desire is failure…

O Henri discovered the talent of writing a story in prison. Actually Henry Sir was jailed for doing fraud and His wife was suffering from illness and had to earn money for her 4-year-old daughter. So he started writing in prison and later he became a famous writer.

Napoleon hill says that

when you go out on your journey, you will also have to face failures, but every failure brings with you the seed of great success.

A human feels very strong emotions when he / she fails and Some people convert these powerful emotions into a burning desire.


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