How to create a virtual machine

A step-by-step guide on how to create a virtual machine on the google cloud platform using the google console. The google console is the GUI of GCP.


Halimah Bukirwa

2 years ago | 1 min read

After loading your Google Cloud Platform, on the navigation menu, select Compute Engine

Select VM Instances, a page that shows all the VM instances you've created will load up or none if this is your first time

Click create instance

Enter a name for your new VM without spaces eg. new-vm.

You choose to add a label to your Virtual Machine(VM) but its optional

We are leaving the region, zone and machine configuration in default

But we can decide to change the series, let's change it to N2 which will also change the machine type to n2-standard...

We are not checking the confidential VM service and container. We are leaving the Boot disk and Identity and API Access in default for this demo.

We are allowing http and https traffic because that's the only way we can SSH(access and manage) into the instance. Then after all that, come down and click create.

You can also create your VM using the cloud shell which is google Cloud's Command Line Interface by clicking on command line

When you click on command line, you will be presented with a command that you can copy and paste in the CLI and create the same VM.

But you can still create it on the console by clicking create.

The page loads and Hooray!!!!!!!!!! The VM is created


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