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1. Overview

I was recently asked to provide recommendation on a folder structure for projects in a bachelors level. Like maximum task managers I have advanced some of systems but never given it a whole lot thought. The project report systems form of grew organically.

I checked google and that was now not a great deal assist both. It became then I thought it became a suitable topic for a discussion. It can sound trivial but the more I thought approximately it, the more elements began to emerge.

1.1. Why we need Project Folder

If the only cause you could consider is that it keeps matters “neat and tidy” then I count on you’ve got given it approximately as a whole lot notion as I had. There are some of other reasons which I will outline.

1.2. Project Folder Accessibility

In this ever converging global, such things as person gantt charts get sucked up into assignment master plans. Not unusual files like a business requirements statement get used as fashions for other projects.

In the event that they can be without problems positioned for each assignment, it makes lifestyles less complicated all spherical. If i’m a brand new undertaking supervisor and need to realize what a srs looks as if, i can dive into other initiatives and quick find the srs directory.

2. Project Folder Organisation

Palms up the ones who’ve clicked down and down and down into subdirectories looking for a file and reached the stop of the road best to locate the file you had been looking for was now not there? By means of this time i assume you’re sitting there with each fingers inside the air. You could placed them down now.

Another cause for having a common structure is that we are not subject to the warped mind of a person who comes to a decision the issue register need to be at the bottom of a folder shape known as l:biratmanagingsystem projects2020first quarterproject xmiscellaneousupdatesrecentires
After, you have got clicked away for 5 mins following each possible logic route to discover the sign up, you do a search most effective to discover nothing.

Then you definitely discover the 2020 refers to the end date of the venture rather than the begin date which became 2019. By the way, we changed the entire listing shape at the begin of 2020 and migrated simplest 1/2 the files for task x.

2.1. Organise Option

There may be no proper solution to this query. There are two extensive strategies:

Organise via section so that each pinnacle directory is a section. As an example, you might have directories for feasibility, enterprise evaluation, design and many others. Or anything your stages are called. Organise via characteristic in order that the pinnacle listing stage are capabilities.

For example, Risks, requirements, scope, exchange manage, development. Maximum instances a mix of each are used. You’ve got a phased pinnacle stage with the next degree committed to functions. For larger initiatives, the pinnacle degree can also in reality be a business vicinity.

As an instance, it for an erp implementation, it is probably finance, manufacturing, sales and many others.

2.2. My Organise Approach to Project Folder

I prefer the structure as a combination of the two options above. Firstly, I ask myself what will span phases. Things like:

  • Issues
  • Risks
  • Budgets
  • Change Control
  • Weekly Reports
  • Meetings, Logs and Agendas

All tend to span phases. I firstly create a set of directories for these functions.

The second set of directories cover the phases. The next level down under phases is focused on particular activities within the phase.

The first subdirectory is usually Planning which is for anything associated with Phase Planning. The next set of directories are for deliverables. For example in an initiation phase, I might have directories for:

  • Project Charter
  • Resource Recruitment
  • System Setup
  • Equipment Purchase
  • Induction Training
  • Miscellaneous

These are all the things I need to physically deliver as part of the Initiation phase. A quick glance at my project plan should tell me the deliverables.

3. Subdirectories

As a tough rule of thumb, I would appear at a subdirectory if a listing was going to exceed 20 documents. These subdirectories might also be cut up through time (Week1, Week2, Week3) or through Phase.

If Change Control was going to generate 20 or greater entries over the existence of the project, I might create subdirectories below change manipulate primarily based on phase. Month could work equally well. It simply relies upon on the expected volume.

I typically have a “slow throw” drawer or manila folder when I worked for my final year project. Anything where it is no longer pretty clear that it have to be filed, however it is no longer clear that it be thrown away goes on the pinnacle of the pile. Every month or three, I begin at the backside and evaluation the backside 1/2 to see if they be filed or thrown. It is rare to find some thing that wants to be kept.

On the different hand, about once or twice a week, I go back to the pile to test some thing I had kept. Usually it is only a week or so old.

For projects, I usually set up lots of archive subdirectories. Typically I rename the file by putting a date in front (01 format) which can be easily sorted if I need to find an old file. Typically it is used as a crude version control mechanism.

3.1. Working Space Idea

Another location to set up is a working directory for each person. Here you can shop archives that are in development and are incomplete.

Once a report is finished (even as Version 0.1) it must be moved to a permanent directory. About as soon as a month I ask absolutely everyone to take 10 minutes and easy out their working listing so the file numbers remain low and current.

3.2. Documents Management Systems

There are a number of document management systems on the market that hold meta data about each document, and have powerful search facilities.

If your organisation has one, you will probably also have a standard structure for storing documents. If not, you should purchase our Project Administrator software that has a built in document management system which describes each document and hyperlinks them. It also provides a document cover sheet which has dates, versions etc. on it.

3.3. Example Structure

Here is an example structure you might want to use as a starting point for your projects. *Note- Use this as an example your organisation will give you an exact examples.

Project Folder Structure Example

4. Summary

There is no perfect way to create a project file structure. If you do give it a bit of thought, you will save yourself considerable time and grief. It is too late when you have 100 documents in one directory to start getting organised.

Spend some time before you begin and get a project file structure in place. Even if it is not perfect, you can change it later on.


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