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Nearing half the battle


Sanjeev Yadav

3 years ago | 3 min read

Nearing half the battle

Today is day 47 and the first 21 days of writing streak went according to the plan. I wanted to set an achievable and realistic target. When I did reach it, my next destination is a bit dreamy (100 days), the one I see with my eyes open.

The dream’s visualisation is becoming brighter with time. Fifty-three days from now, it will come to life. See the number as just a finite quantity. Realise the remainder is decreasing with time. You will feel it won’t be too far along.

I just have to be patient (sometimes it wrecks) and wait for day 100. On that day, I will brainstorm a lot of ideas about my 100 days journey. I will even have a lot to talk about because I am learning like crazy.

Diversifying and memory consolidation

Every day I expand my topics in writing, push in reading more, strengthen vocabulary and record all those experiences well, on Medium. It helps with improving memory when all your life lessons are out there in the open. Whenever you want, you can look at them and be proud of the change you have accomplished.

From the starting itself, I’ve had a strong tendency to retain every new [ read valuable ] information by writing it somewhere. While writing, two senses are involved: touch and vision. You already know how strong both senses are depending on your attention when digesting the information.

Lifelong learning attitude

One of the essential qualities that spark the creative muscles is the curiosity to learn from everything life throws at you: be it hard times, peaceful ones or the mundanes.

Lifelong learning is the trait I adopted from my job at Udacity. It drives me to learn new things every day, especially when I am most energetic with investing in my brainpower.

Curiosity is at a different high right now. I even want to write about mundane things now, just because I am mindful when doing them.

I’ve become observant with time. I know ideas (not that billion-dollar idea) come to life when you open your mind to all the possibilities in front of you. I know potent thoughts come at unexpected times. I have even blocked a time slot to brainstorm about new topics. It is mostly before sleep.

The subconscious mind is always guiding your actions.

Your subconscious is at work when you are asleep. If something is worrying you for a long time and you let the negativity run amok, you may have bad dreams, and that is worse than snoring. You will scare everyone around you expect you. Sounds cool unless someone kicks you from your bed!

I think about a problem a few minutes before sleeping, patiently give it some time while I am getting into the rest mode, and then let my dreams help me. When I wake up from the deep sleep phase in the next morning, I do come up with some solution.

Either the subconscious was hard at work while I was asleep, or the stress-free morning excites me to refresh and power through. I build a healthy combination of these two triggers.

I just ask these three questions a few minutes before sleeping to advance my idea book:

  • Did I do anything new today?
  • If not, when was the last time you did it?
  • How did it affect you?

The third thought sparks a chain of questions, and when you embrace the emotions that come with it, they run wild. You won’t stop talking about it, you won’t stop writing, and once you have learned how to express the emotions in your best possible way, you will feel enlightened and would want to experience it again.

Now you’ve built a positive feedback loop you can trust because it gives you a spike of happiness every time you let it run its course.

You crave for one idea; emotions will give you more than just that.

When I understand what I am feeling, I come with not only one, but several ideas to write in the future. If a close friend is near, I may even vent right away because I know I can be vulnerable to him without judgement.

Since everyone wants to improve their emotional intelligence, the first directional step is allowing your heart to feel it!

Ask questions, be observant and let your emotions be your light bearer!

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