[Creators Spotlight]: I just wanna help as many people as I can to make sense of their relationships with themselves and others- Adam Murauskas

In this series “Creators Spotlight”, we are asking our creators about their journey. Watch out for them sharing their journey and getting candid with us. Today we have with us Adam Murauskas. Adam, a Relationship Coach, talks about how creating content is a huge part of his life and shares his idea behind the launch of


Tealfeed Spotlight

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Creators are the heart and soul of Tealfeed. As they continuously work towards feeding us more information every day, it's only fitting to bring out their journey for the world to know.

In this series “Creators Spotlight”, we are asking our creators about their journey. Watch out for them sharing their journey and getting candid with us.

Today we have with us Adam Murauskas. Adam, a Relationship Coach, talks about how creating content is a huge part of his life and shares his idea behind the launch of

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Who has been the biggest influence in your life? What lessons did that person or those people teach you?

My family had a tremendous impact on me. That’s where I got all my trauma from, (haha). But in a positive light, they gifted me with all the burdens that have built my muscles and made me the resilient and phenomenal human being I am today. I can’t even imagine who I’d be if I didn’t have to fight and struggle so damn hard to succeed.

Apart from them, I gotta say that hip hop music really showed me the power and passion in words. I don’t suppose I’d be a writer if not for the decades of inspiration I received from those who were brave enough to share their words with world.

Tell us about your childhood, what was the best part? Is there any specific incident that has largely influenced the kind of person you are today?

I haven’t really figured out how to feel about my childhood just yet. There was a lot of pain and suffering, but also a lot of joy. Probably the largest specific incident that shaped my life was being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at eight years old.

That set in motion trains of circumstance that I cannot even begin to detail here. But suffice it to say it’s something that’s impacted literally every facet of my existence and is with me at every breath.

Where is your hometown, and what was it like when you were young?

My hometown of Newark Delaware is on the east coast of the United States. It’s mellow and suburban with all four seasons. Not too far from mountains, beaches, airports, and major cities. Lived there 28 years!

How important a role does content play in your life? Are you a full-time content creator? Why did you start creating content?

Creating content is a huge part of my life! It fuels my passion for helping others, provides an outlet for everything I’m learning both personally and professionally, and is also wildly therapeutic.

I’m a relationship coach slash writer. Those two are inextricably linked for me, so yes, I do this full-time. I’ve been a content creator in one for or another for most of my life. But I launched in early 2020 and began writing about relationships daily as a major part of my mission to help heal the world.

What’s that one aspect of being a content creator no one talks about?

To be honest, I’m not super dialed in to what other people talk about. But if I had to guess, it would be about consistency and inspiration. I create content every single day, rain or shine. Not everybody is built for that.

I think the reason I’ve been able to crank out so much content that seems to just keep getting better and better is because I’m a writer who works in the field I write about. I’m not speculating or pontificating. I share real life insights from my ever-increasing host of personal experiences in healing relationships.

What’s the most satisfying part of being a content creator?

I love connecting with readers from all over the world – especially when they feel empowered by my words to heal, grow, and change. It’s such a treat to know that people from all walks of life can relate to my experiences. It’s comforting to know just how universal our challenges are.

What are you up to currently and what are your long-term career goals?

I’ve built up my coaching practice to a full caseload, and I love working with people one-on-one, but I’d like to help so many more. Therefore, my next move will be to create some online courses so I can reach a wider audience. After that, a book is in order. Long-term.

What drives you to create content regularly?

I love playing with words, expressing myself through humor and metaphor, making difficult or taboo concepts accessible to others, sharing practical advice and guidance, positively impacting the lives of thousands of people I will never get the pleasure of meeting face-to-face.

But also, I believe there is a massive element of healing, learning, and growth inherent in writing about healing, learning, and growth. So, yes, I write for others, but in large part, I am writing for myself as well. It makes me a better person.

For me, it’s time. If I start writing an article that sets my soul ablaze, I have to keep writing until it’s done with me. It’s a birthing process that takes however long it wants to take, whether I’ve made other plans that day or not. I feel less like I’m in control of the creative process and more like a steward of ideas that flow through me only if I make myself available to the magic.

That’s the part I have control over – making myself available.

How do you make sure that you aren’t affected by nasty comments and negative things said about you?

I haven’t yet had anyone straight up call me a turd (yet). I think I’ll manage just fine with that, because I’ve got a mountain of peer-reviewed empirical data to suggest that I’m a decent human being.

I have had a few people misconstrue my words and assert their opinion in very unboundaried and disrespectful ways. Sometimes I simply recognize that they are hurting, viewing the world through the lens of their own trauma, or just don’t have the skills to communicate in a healthy way, and I can gracefully smooth it over with a tactful comment or completely ignore it.

Sometimes I do engage, not to assert myself or try to make the other person wrong, but simply to set a boundary around the civility of their discourse. I’d like my comment sections to feel like a safe space for everyone. In any case, I’ve never taken any trolling personally.

How would you want people to remember you?

I’d love for people to remember me however they please. Having a goal of wanting people to remember you a certain way might be wholesome and inspirational for some, but it seems both absurd and corrosive for me personally.

What's success for you and when would you consider yourself to be successful?

Success is having all of my needs met with consistency, feeling peaceful and contented more often than not, and being in a position to help others without depleting myself in the process.

Who’s your favorite creator? Why?

I’m my favorite creator, because I love creating, I get so much out of it, and I truly enjoy the finished product. Honestly, when I go back and read old articles, I’m like “Damn, this is fire!” I realize that sounds pretty vain, so in an effort brandish a modicum of humility, I will say that my friend Rikki Cloos, author of The Anxious Hearts Guide, is a huge inspiration to me. Her writing, her graphic design, the way she interacts with her readers, pretty much anything I’ve seen her do is admirable. A real gem, that one.

To every individual who’s planning to start out as a content creator, what would you like to advise them?

Get real clear on why you wanna create. Is it for attention? Followers? Money? Influence? Or does it set your soul on fire? Do you wanna change lives? Is there an abundance of love and creativity inside of you that you’re just not willing to ignore anymore?

If your motives are selfish, you will have no real purpose. And without purpose, being a content creator will become an unsustainable slog and you might as well just stick with a 9 to 5 grind.

“I just wanna help as many people as I can to make sense of their relationships with themselves and others. This is my passion and my purpose on earth.”


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