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Current Trends in Language Learning Software

A basic image recalling-based program might be the best for most people interested in learning a new language, and a more interactive program might be the best for the younger learners.


Shekhar Tekade

3 months ago | 2 min read


Learning and acquiring a foreign language with software, offers a very satisfying learning experience. But choosing the best language learning software that suits your requirements from the various options that are available is difficult. It is tough to determine and select the program that best suits you individually, and the program that does not meet your personal requirements. A basic image recalling-based program might be the best for most people interested in learning a new language, and a more interactive program might be the best for the younger learners. 

Learning a foreign language is one of the hardest among educational studies. Whether one is learning it as a part of their education or as a hobby, the process will be certainly complex. But luckily, there is a solution that could make learning a foreign language much easier. 

Language learning software has been gaining popularity over the years, but it is particularly relevant now, in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Various online programs are available that have been developed to support students keep up with their studies. Here are the current trends in language learning software that help learn quickly and efficiently. 

1.  VR Learning 

The cost of VR tools is reducing each year, and 2020 will not be an exception. Students buy headsets and dive into an interactive environment. As someone studying languages, you can have the chance of using VR for “visiting” other countries, listening to people talk, and learning from their examples. This method is more efficient than non-immersive education. 

2. Artificial Intelligence and Learner Assistance 

Artificial Intelligence assistance is emerging in the eLearning space. Organizations are now providing innovative solutions wherein bots can guide learners both, on the learning path, as well as during the course programs. 

Artificial Intelligence can be used to predict learner behavior and help customize learning. Depending on the modules acquired by learners and the challenges faced, better customization will be brought about. Voice-guided bots will also help learners in searching for crucial content in modules. As observed, organizations will be implementing newer approaches of Artificial Intelligence support for their learners in both, the learning processes and to handle queries. For instance, an intelligent chatbot can act as a support for technical queries. 

Additionally, robots can be used for helping kids and learners with special needs to learn new skills and help them meet their requirements. 

3. Customized Learning 

The online solution lets various apps to filter users’ unique areas of interest. They obtain suggestions based on their specified preferences and search history which offer the best educational benefits. The accuracy of such predictions has improved and hence learners have started using the customization functions. 

4. Social Learning 

Social education, with reference to eLearning means communicating with others online to acquire knowledge. Different forums and groups of interest are popular choices, and their popularity only increases with time. Various online language learning groups or communities enable people to ask questions and brainstorm together. 

5. Educative Gamification 

Online games are one of the best methods of learning and this trend is spreading like wildfire. These are gaining popularity as they are both, entertaining and insightful. In fact, even people who are not passionate about learning languages start playing games as the mazes, wars, and competitions they offer are pleasantly addictive. Various educative games have been developed where players have to resolve language tasks and receive rewards. 

6. Sample-based Learning 

Another method that is gaining traction and becoming popular is seeing a task and the way it is being done by other people. For instance, you might need to translate a text, but despite knowing the basics, you could struggle while undertaking it. Many students use samples as a learning method. They order translation to be done by someone else, and then they compare it with the original, analyzing what a translator has done as well as learning from it. 

7. Video Learning 

The number of online tutorials in various languages is increasing. Experts release videos wherein they offer tips and support their audience in learning, and many people find them extremely insightful. Both, paid and free versions are available, therefore budget constraints need not matter. This is one of the reasons for this option becoming popular among students—just find your favorite profession and start studying, discussing the video content with others via comments. 

8. User-generated Educative Content 

Another trend involves using education plans developed by other learners. Download the corresponding apps and search for such plans which are available online, with access offered to every person who wants them. Someone’s approach might be perfect for you or it might motivate you to develop your own by combining information from different methods in one place. 

9. Instant Learning 

Quick learning is a great method to memorize educative content rapidly and in small volumes. It includes short training periods where you receive information in small bits before going to other tasks. Search an app or a program that provides such a study format and you will know how many other students are already using it. 

10. Online Flash Cards 

Flashcards have always been a widespread technique of study, and now, with online options, they have become even more popular. Create your own unique online cards or download someone else’s. You can use them to learn more words; match translations with pictures for maximum benefits. 


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