Daffodils Walk

On Sunny Heartbeat


Amy Christie

a year ago | 1 min read

Touching this sunray

and the next

shadows lie between flowers,

I walk on blazing trail

leaving a silver mark

on each leaf

I make friends with,


spreads song in wake

of dance,

no unsaid word or promise,

no rustle in the wind



Daffodils guard a wish

they fly on thoughts,

come back,

and gleam,

a stream of never-ending love

rests in sunshine,

at peace,

in grace

of happy melody.


Hail can't breach sky,

storms won't alight,

this garden stays in grace

affection plays with trust,

anger melts with the dawn

twilight embrace

for every branch,

roots grow

in sand of time

this mirror brings a glow

of what once was,

can be,

is here now.


Forever in a daffodil


a smile that starts and blooms

on petals,

it reigns under starlight

unmoved, steel passion

above blight.


No ghost shall pass

this threshold,

underworld dreams

float on a wave of hope

turquoise the gaze,

mauve with sun rest.

In heart, in moving,

in one breath

peace comes on passion mist

for what is good, or young,

or joyful

unless a butterfly

stays near?


My own dream started

long ago,

just now,

I wish, I hold,

a cloud covers the night

in longing to believe

I crossed

into the world

of the unthinkable

coming to pass

the bridge of doubt

and trust.


Come now, step, reunite

you were born with this dew

again, before,

one time, another

voice stands in waterfall of time

I see; I hear song

calling me back

and onward.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels


Created by

Amy Christie

Journalist| Poet |Blogger: Always striving to bring out the positive and create meaningful connections







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