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Spreeha Dutta

3 years ago | 2 min read

A recent survey published in India Today states that “As many as 97% of graduating engineers want jobs either in software engineering or core engineering. But, only 3% have the skills to be employed in the software market, and only 7% can handle core engineering tasks.”

In today’s India, where rote learning is still prioritized over hands-on practical experience by the majority, where traditional textbook methods are valued more over independent thinking, we are in desperate need for a change; and I recently came across this initiative called Daily Codes by TheLeanProgrammer that works as a beacon of light in that very direction.

C2E: Daily Codes

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Here is how I have benefitted from Daily Codes:

1. “Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well”- Since a problem of increasing difficulty is given to be solved with each new day, it has got me into a regular habit of solving problems daily and with each passing day my want to solve newer problems increases.

2. “He who learns but does not think is lost” — There are so many algorithms out there that I got introduced to because of Daily Codes that I did not know existed before. This has opened new gateways of thinking on how to approach a problem for me.

3. “Everyone you ever meet will know something you don’t”-After I solve a problem there, I check the Daily Codes repository for the solutions as done by others and I learn that there are so many more approaches to even a simple-looking problem, some approaches much more efficient than others in terms of time and space complexity.

4. “Nothing is more exciting than meeting new people, and being inspired by them”- Daily Codes also has groups on WhatsApp and Telegram where a large group of people with varied skill sets actively discuss their doubts pertaining to any coding question or project that they are working on.

5. “Habits are the touchstones of our personality, the future belongs to those who believe in the nourishment of the habits” — And lastly, since it is just one problem each day, I hardly have to take out half an hour from my daily schedule, so it very easy to keep up with.

It is often that as students, we get caught up in the never-ending loop of classes and assignments and exams that we tend to ignore the core skills of problem-solving and algorithmic thinking. But this is the time that they need to be built since these are skills that can only be acquired with experience and time and Daily Codes has provided a perfect platform for me that way.

Daily Codes is still going on and has been a very enriching experience for everyone involved in it so far. I suggest everyone, especially if you are in college or are preparing for placements or working but want to brush up on your data structures and algorithms, hitch your wagon to a star and check out this initiative.


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