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Going back centuries to the earlier ages of innovation and innovators, the widely held belief about geniuses was that they were antisocial and reclusive. This led to the ideology that accomplished scholars usually reached the peak of their careers as solo rangers. While not entirely false, there are likely several factors that were at play during this period of time that give an inkling as to why that was how innovation played out. Early innovators faced a lot of setbacks due to factors including geographical location, war, the absence of effective communication channels, and other such hindrances. This led to a lot of setbacks for the early-age innovators, thereby leading to a less collaborative approach. Inherently, one can conclude that the approach to innovation during this period in history, the effort required to create or pioneer a new venture from start to finish, was more time-consuming and less effective, as it could take years or a lifetime to achieve.

As the years have rolled by, things have changed drastically. With the introduction of the internet, we’ve seen a new approach to innovation, a more collaborative approach. Brian Eno@brianeno coined the term "Scenius,” meaning collective genius. In his study, he concluded that "a scenius community or organization is one of creative intuition and creative intelligence of a community that creates what the collective group of people aspires to, chooses, and produces a variety of just, positive, and empowering outcomes that are inclusive and meet the choices of all within that community, which are naturally prioritized effectively and efficiently in order of optimum and shared prosperity for all."

Technological advancements like improved communication channels, social media, meetings, and scheduling applications have played a role in increasing the participation and collaborative approach to decision-making, innovations, conceiving, and pioneering of ideas. The effect of a scenius approach is positive, and not identifying with one may not be favorable. Deep in the behavioral response to this approach, humans have created groups, sects, cults, etc. to push innovation, especially in the tech industry.

One major advancement in technology that has pushed the scenius approach to innovation is the introduction of DAOs(decentralized autonomous organizations). DAOs function like scenius groups given that they are driven by a shared goal of making profits and sourcing out and investing in projects at an early stage. The concept of DAOs, aside from programmed decision-making, creates an environment that allows both amateurs and professionals to make valid contributions. Depending on the purpose, DAOs can also be a learning environment. DAOs satisfy the social theory of collectivism (communal relationships among people that place the growth of the community as a priority).

In a conversation with an acquaintance and teammate from@officialloozr, after a lengthy discourse deliberating on the approach to launching the idea into the market, in his words, he concluded, “the whole web3 space sees Loozr as the founders' project,” which has been counterproductive. Loozr was trying to achieve a genius approach to innovation in a scenius era, but that is changing. A collaborative approach to onboarding the next 1 million artists, creators, and 1 billion users onto the web.

In conclusion, identifying with a scenius group(DAOs) in this era to achieve innovation would be the best approach to innovation. Conceptually, the next wave of the scenius approach to innovation might be DAO interoperability, the social interaction of DAOs. A DAO interlaces with other DAOs to achieve a common goal. I feel this is what@frankdegodsis doing with the y00ts platform. A shout out to a few DAOs that are changing the approach to innovation. You can check them out on Twitter.@PitchDAO,@water_and_music,@brainsDao,@yOOtlist,@CSWN_Dao,@DAOrecords_,@gitcoin

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