Dating Rule: What’s The Best Present For Your Boyfriend / Girlfriend?

With these 3 methods in mind, you should be able to set off with enough confidence in wooing the girl of your dreams


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Stuff toys? Necklaces? Diamonds? No, no, and to the screams of joy of all men around the world, no. The best kind of present to give your boyfriend/girlfriend is none of the above, nor is it a soccer ball, gym set or an Eric Cantona signed vintage 1970 Manchester United Jersey, nope! Not even that! -drools.

The best present is a George Best signed vintage 1976 Manchester United Jersey! DIY-ed present! D.I.Y meaning Do It Yourself and not misread as the more popular DIE option (although some couples do wish for this upon each other), of course, heh.

The reason a DIY-ed present is the best present for your boyfriend/girlfriend is because not only is it specially tailored (no matter how amateurishly) to their needs by you, but it’s sincerity is something money simply can’t buy (psst, i’ll do it at half your best price). Anyway, the best thing about a DIY-ed present is that no matter how it turns out, it’s the thought and effort that counts.

Million & One Ideas

There are a million and one things (i’m not exaggerating) that you can do when wanting to give your boyfriend/girlfriend a Do-It-Yourself present. It could be in the simple form of composing a poem out for them to a more complex process of carving their name out in scented candles for them. You could also make a mixed CD for them, or even video yourself doing your “I Love You” dance (come on admit it, everyone has one ). There are a million and one possibilities and ideas, and they’re each and everyone much more sincere than buying something off the shelf for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Start Embracing Your Artistic (Crazy) Side

YUP! Start brainstorming (or simply google-ing) ways and ideas of little Do-It-Yourself presents today, it’ll definitely help you save a buck or two if you’re in a tight shituation, and it’ll much definitely reduce the child labor that most gift companies exploit in making your gifts/teddy bears anyway -winks.

How To Woo A Girl

Forget about throwing paper airplanes or poking her on facebook, those are not the ways to woo a girl. The art of wooing a girl is a complex one, passed down from generation to generation ever since the stone age when men would “club” a women and take her home. No, not go to a club and pick her up, but to take his wooden club out and knock her out cold with it. Now, although it may sound horribly tempting to choose the latter option, there are rules we’re governed by now (in most countries) that would prevent us from doing that (darn it!). So as you would know, in all countries besides Afghanistan and Iraq, that method is now obsolete.

So here you go, three ways from Alex Wise of Loveawake Dating site you can woo a girl (legally).

Time Your Collisions

I call this altering the time space continuum creating chance encounters. This can vary from when you choose to hand up your work in school, or when you choose to go to the canteen to have you meal to which bus service you choose to take daily. All these should be altered accordingly to her time schedule to create chance encounters, i mention “chance” because it provides you with a chance to be noticed by her, and also provides you with the chance to strike up a conversation with her. Of course, during this encounters, be sure to look as attractive as possible.

Use Facebook To Your Advantage

Do your research on her likes and dislikes through facebook. See what movies, songs, books and uhm.. animals she likes. After which, you check if there are any colliding interests between the two of you. Perhaps you two both have the same sadistic morbid nature in liking to watch Happy Tree Friends and if that’s the case, well.. go find another colliding interest. Ripping out hearts and stabbing eyeballs aren’t exactly the best conversation topics to start out with.

If all else fails, go GET a colliding interest. Start watching (or at least wiki-ing) Scrubs and try to find out why it’s her favorite comedy. Basically, find/create a common interest for you both. Also, remember to learn how to prolong a conversation with her, it’ll really go a long way to helping you woo a girl.

Be Charismatic With Your Approach

This ain’t easy. Not everyone’s born with a Tom Cruise in  us. But there are ways we can be more charismatic, and ways to be more likeable. It’s not going to be easy getting that natural charm into you, but it’s definitely possible. In fact, i’ve written quite a few articles on this site on how to get closer to anyone.

Godspeed (:

So, with these 3 methods in mind, you should be able to set off with enough confidence in wooing the girl of your dreams (if that’s Megan Fox, then that’s a whole different story involving drugs and a 36 men SWAT team.) 


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