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Bilal Rifas

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We come across various issues in our life. We are very much aware that not all the problems can be solved 100%, but what if I tell you any of your problem can be solved to its 1%. It’s rather the most easiest of all.

Tom Connellan in his book, 1% Solution for Work and Life, clearly decodes how this must be applied to achieve success.

In his book, he introduces Ken as the hero of the story. Ken is going to watch a football match where his son is also playing. He was not much keen about the match as they lost the last time to the same opposing team.

Surprisingly his son and the entire team played extremely well.

From ball pass to team communication, the whole team excelled at them all. Ken was thinking to himself that the team might had a change of coach and that is why they are performing better. It was even more surprising to spot the same old coach in the ground with the team, instructing them.

Right after the game was over, Ken was rushing to meet the coach.

He thanked the coach for making his son perform better. He even asked the coach, the reason for this sudden improvement in the overall performance of the team and how it was made possible.

This was how the coach explained the way it was achieved.While explaining, the coach talked about the 2006 Olympics. The time gap between the winner and the one who was placed the 4th with no medal was only 1.8 seconds.

Generally in all those matches, the time gap between the winner and the loser was only 1%.

Even in the 2008 Beijing Olympics butterfly style swimming, the time gap between Michael Phelps who was able to secure the first place and Miller who was placed the second was only 0.01 seconds. It was just one extra push which made Phelps to be the winner.

Phelps was the winner because he managed to put in the extra push. Miller was the runner-up because he failed to give that one extra push.

All it took was an extra push. The difference between winning and losing is just 1%. Doing the same routine with just some added effort will help give that extra push.

That is all what it takes to achieve success. The trick is to do 1% better than yesterday and keep going that way. Coach made Ken realize the significance of that one extra push.

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Assume that you usually start your day at 7 am and you badly want to wake up at 5 everyday. The very next day if you set the alarm for 7 and try to wake up, you will eventually snooze that alarm and sleep in.

This is exactly where you must apply 1% SOLUTION to this problem. Rather than trying to wake up at 7, set your alarm for 6.50 am the first day.

Your brain will also be glad to accept the change as it is tricked to believe that it is only 10 minutes earlier than the routine. Continue doing the same for around 3 days.

After 3 days, make it 6.40 am. Continue it for a couple of days. Keep alternating it from 7 am to 6.50, 6.40, 6.30, 6.20, 6.10 and so. Eventually you will get into the habit of waking up at 5 am.

This is exactly how easy it is to adapt your life and make it accept the change. After you get to learn how to apply the 1% solution to all your problems, nothing can take you away from succeeding in your life.

I suggest you to read Tom Connellan’s book, 1% SOLUTION for Work and Life to gain a better insight about this concept.

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