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Companies are struggling with employee retention, morale and hiring. The year-over-year turnover rate will be 50% to 75% higher than usual as “The Great Resignation” continues, predicts Gartner Distinguished VP Brian Kropp. Gartner also reports that the time to fill a role has increased by 18% since before the pandemic, and about half of people who get a job offer are considering at least two other offers at the same time. Meanwhile, bad bosses and a cutthroat work culture can take a steep toll on employees’ mental and physical health according to an October 2022 report by the U.S. Surgeon General, CBS News reports.   

How can employers win new employees, engender loyalty and boost morale? They need to know who they are and help people understand their identity. They need an Employer Value Proposition (EVP).  

All this requires buy-in from the C-Suite and company stakeholders, and many times companies are too close to the work and just are unable to allocate internal resources to this important work—thus nothing is ever executed. When a company recognizes that it wants to work on these components, experts like Inspire Agency can provide the objective, external perspective to guide an EVP process and then help execute on it. We champion it by surveying employees to get honest, direct feedback, working alongside employees and leaders to create internal communication campaigns around culture, and focusing your vision to strengthen that culture—all in a steady drum beat that solidifies your brand and cultural identity. 

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