How to define a personal brand being a clueless developer

A crash course on branding and starting UI projects


Lila Papazian

2 years ago | 2 min read

Hi everyone!

This is part two of my current adventure: creating my personal webpage.

In my first post, I said I was going to start defining my personal brand.

I'm such a fan of Erik Kennedy's teachings, his Learn UI course is something I've been saving for this year (sadly, paying in US dollars from South America is super expensive).

I saw this great video on YouTube and thought: well, it sounds like exactly what I need right now.

42 minutes later, I had a lot of material to work on.

Interested? Let's have a breakdown of this:

Determine your brand and goals → What do you want your users to feel about you?

I iterate over this quite a few times and ended up writing some key characteristics.

  • I want to be seen as responsible but not formal; non-tech user friendly
  • I would like my site to have a touch of wonder and dreamy vibe
  • I want to embrace my queerness (is this an actual word already?).
    This is important for me as I wouldn't want to work with someone that
    discriminates against human beings just because of their gender or
    romantic inclinations.
  • I don't want to sound haughty or preachy; my objective is to make tech (and design) something available for all of us.

As you can see, I defined quite a bit of this by defining their most defensible opposites.

The key takeaway points were: friendly, queer, responsible

Determining my goals

After this, I went back and worked on determining my goals:
monetization goals, behavioral goals, UX goals, goals related to the
context of the user, and where they come from.

Right now I'm not focused on monetizing anything; it might be an option at some point in the future.

About UX goals, I want my site to be responsive. It should at least work on mobile and laptop resolutions.

It should be easy to see my articles and contact me.

At this point, I'm starting to have some ideas for my site:

  1. Mission and objective need to be front and center - very visible
  2. Articles should be very visible too
  3. Responsive: must work across all devices
  4. Accessible: must comply with AAA guidelines

A bit of marketing

Because I don't have side projects yet, I'm going to prioritize my articles, and in second place comes contacting me using LinkedIn or mail

I plan to upload about two articles a month, so I want potential readers to be able to find them quickly.

If you google my name, the first result points to LinkedIn, one of the lasts on the first page point to my articles on Hashnode.

I will work on this at a later point (Monica Lent's SEO for developers course
looks promising). Because the user is going to land on my webpage through my articles the article must convey all necessary information to new users (who am I, etc).

Next steps

I have some goals related to design and development, that can be synthesized to "help non-profits dedicated to queer public".

My next steps are collecting and compiling inspiration, so I can start sketching afterward.

I don't have (yet) visual inspiration or images resources
set up but it's going to be my next step, along with a crash course on
UI design so I can sketch something presentable.

So this it folks! The first iteration on this process.

See you in two weeks


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