Democrats best laid plans go awry as President Trump keeps winning

Democrats try to defeat Trump, but he keeps winning.


Michael Busler

3 years ago | 7 min read

Democrats are back on the offense.  They are threatening to impeach Attorney General Bill Barr for doing his job.  Democrats are threatening President Trump with more investigations.  Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (where is Adam Schiff?) are back on the stump making petulant, childish demands on the Chief Executive and his cabinet. Democrats Best Laid Plans are failing. And they will not survive 2020.

After three years of achievement, Monday, February 3 to Friday, February 7, was the best week President Trump has had in the Oval Office.  It started out very well and just got better.  It was proof that the best-laid plans of mice and men, and Democrats, will go awry.

To A Mouse, by Scottish poet By Robert Burns

The poem To a Mouse tells the story of a farmer who, plowing his field destroys the nest of a field mouse – ensuring the winter destruction of the small family. It is a cautionary tale for Democrats who are incorporating a scorched earth philosophy in their desire to “plow” the political field to destroy a duly-elected President.

When Trump is easily re-elected in November, as many believe, pundits and politicians may very well point to the past week as a key turning point. The point where America’s voters have said enough.

That some say socialist, others say, communist, Bernie Sanders has emerged as the Democrats presidential nominee front runner, is proof that for the Democrats, the best-laid plans – Russia Hoax, Mueller Report, Kavanaugh Hearings, and Impeachment – have absolutely gone awry.

Monday’s good news.

The week for February 3 started off very well.  President Trump is in a constant struggle to get his approval rating up.  Last October, prior to the start of the impeachment nonsense, his approval rating stood at 39%.  The Gallup Poll, which many observers believe is based on a skewed sample that favors Democrats, actually showed that Trump’s approval rating was 49%.  Meaning voters are nearly evenly split. If you believe that polls do not equally poll Republican and Democrat voters you might believe that the President’s rating is actually much higher. (4 Possible Reasons The Polls Got It So Wrong This Year – NPR 11/2016)

State of the Union ratings a barometer for November

Previous polls from October 2019, had his approval rating at 39% while the disapproval rating was 57%.  That means his approval increased from 39% to 49%, while the disapproval fell from 57% to 50%. But, we might believe the President’s numbers are even better.

And the Winner of the Democratic Primaries Is … Donald Trump – by Kimberly Guilfoyle: 

“Donald Trump racked up about 10 times as many votes as the second-place candidate — and even though the outcome was a foregone conclusion, he still managed to draw an astounding 120,000 voters to the polls. That’s more votes than any incumbent president has received in the New Hampshire primary in the past four decades. “
Tuesday’s  State of the Union.

On Tuesday the President delivered his State of the Union speech. To any unbiased observer, the speech was a tremendous success, many lauding the address as the best of Trump.  The President’s focus was on detailing how strong the state of the union is and highlighted his numerous successes on the economy, foreign policy and security.

He noted that his policies are working, especially for low-income workers, who have seen many new opportunities.  Contrary to the Democrats’ position which simply gives free stuff to people in need, Trump gives those workers exactly what they really need: opportunity.  Now there are fewer people needing government handouts and record numbers of low-income workers finding good jobs at relatively good pay.

Trump highlighted that minority and low-income people really don’t want handouts.  Rather they want the opportunity to earn enough income that they can pay for their own needs. His approval rating from minorities has risen substantially.

Following his forceful third State of the Union address, Speaker Pelosi’s reaction bested her seal clapping of 2019 with a flourish and tearing:

Wednesday’s acquittal.

On Wednesday, the Senate voted to acquit Trump of the bogus charges that the House of Representatives voted to send to the Senate.  Of the 250 Republicans in the House and Senate, only one, Mitt Romney, was convinced to vote against the President.

While the impeachment remains a matter of record, at least for now, he was acquitted and he feels liberated.


President Trump is acquitted by Senate. Fox News screen capture.

Trump’s Thursday speech.

Then on Thursday, he gave a speech at the 2020 National Prayer Breakfast.

Trump went on the offensive, blaming the Democrats for abusing their power in Congress.  He noted that the Dems leadership is really not interested in moving the country forward, but rather just seems to want to find some reason where they can twist Trump’s behavior into an impeachable offense.

Also on Thursday, Gallup released their findings about how satisfied Americans are with their personal life.

The survey said 90% are happy.  That’s an all-time record.  The previous record of 88% was set in 1999, during the expansion that resulted from President Clinton reducing the capital gains tax from 28% to 20%.  Clinton also declared the era of big government is over.  He worked with speaker Gingrich to eliminate the budget deficit.

There were actually surpluses in the budget. Voters were very happy about that. And they are happy with President Trump’s economy now.

The high satisfaction numbers were across almost every demographic.  Also of note, nearly 2/3 of Americans are very satisfied with their personal life.  (New High of 90% of Americans Satisfied With Personal Life – Gallup)

Friday’s jobs report is very good.

Then on Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the unemployment numbers for January 2020.  The 225,000 new jobs far exceeded expectations and likely indicates that the economy will be much stronger this year than it was last year.  Perhaps economic growth will hit 3% this year. (Job Growth Gives the Economy an Upbeat Start to the Year – 7/7/20)

Adding to the President’s exceptional week, the Dems held their first primary caucus in Iowa.  They were so disorganized that votes were not, and will not, be counted. It took days before they knew who actually won and how the delegates would be divided. The Dems looked very inept. As Senator Ted Cruz says How can Democrats run healthcare if they can’t count votes in Iowa?

And it has just gotten better, despite Democrats best-laid plans

It doesn’t get much better for President Trump.  He has pointed out how good things really are in America and he promises us that the best is yet to come.

The best is yet to come because of the strength of the people,   that President Trump invited to the State of the Union to add impact to how his policies are affecting America and Americans. Americans, and American families, like

  • Stephanie and Janiyah Davis of Philadelphia who was there representing School Choice.
  • Kelly and Gage Hake whose husband and father Amry Staff Sgt. Christopher Hake was killed on duty in Iraq, representing the President’s commitment to end endless wars.
  • Jody Jones whose brother Rocky Jones was shot by an illegal immigrant, providing a real
    American face to the scourge of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and states like California.
  • Ian Lanphier, who plans to serve his country via the Space Force and his great grandfather Tuskegee Airman Charles McGee.
  • Paul Morrow who started his own minority contracting business, building a new concrete plant in a Montgomery, Alabama Opportunity Zone, another of the President’s programs.
  • Carl and Marsha Mueller whose daughter Kayla was killed by ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is now dead as a result of the President’s war on terror.
  • Deputy Chief Raul Ortiz of the U.S. Broder Patrol putting a face to the border crisis.
  • Tony Rankins, a US Army Veteran, who has been released from prison under the President’s Prison Reform actions. Tony has, since his release, been able to find work in a Cincinnati Opportunity Zone, overcoming his drug addiction and reuniting with his family.
  • Robin and Ellie Schnieder, a face to the President’s statement that every life brings love and joy to a family.
  • Joshua Smith whose brother, Channing, age 16, committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying.
  • The Williams Family reunited with their husband and father, Sgt. First Class Townsend Williams, who surprised his family, reuniting with them following his fourth tour protecting Americans on the Middle East battlefield.

The President invited these families to the State of the Union not to create, as Democrats say, a media circus but to put the face of real American’s to his past, present and future agenda — all of which the Democrats want to destroy.

Week of February 10th

The week of February 10th has brought more success to America thanks to President Trump, who seems to never stop working on behalf of Americans (Trump Administration Accomplishments).  Even as Democrats continue to harass the President  (With impeachment in rearview, Pelosi looks to next attack on Trump).

This news cycle is all about Roger Stone and the President posting his opinion that a nine-year sentence for Roger Stone is too much.

Now, in addition to finding new alleged crimes to impeach the President, Democrats want to impeach Attorney General William Barr.  Why? Because he, and attorney John Durham, are getting way to close to proving what most of us know – that the Swamp begins and ends with the Democrats. The DOJ will reveal Democrats Best Laid Plans. And Dems are fighting back as the layers are being pulled back on the years of political malfeasance all in the name of retaining power and lucrative paydays for themselves and families.


Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.


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