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Few thoughts on evolution of creative mind and how we are changing with the trend. How we take decision with our hear and mind to lead a successful life balancing our professional and personal life.


Kamlesh Roy

3 years ago | 3 min read

Designers are like scientists as they experiment on various human needs.

Designers design-build and shape the products or ideas by their systematic way and a reliable information method of how the real world works on their observation with positive true and false predicting the future behavior by experimenting hypothesis just a statement how they think by collecting data from real-world in an unbiased way of positive true and false by observations which match customers expectations.

Designers vs Client Thoughts

There is no right or wrong...You can like blue where the client might not!!

The only thing is the mindset which matches the understanding of client problem ( Clients are not Kids they run a business )

I am a strong introvert and UX designer. Yes, I constantly have to hold presentations, call meetings, and interact with customers and users. My introversion does not stop me from doing any of these things! In fact, my ability to think deeply about people makes me a better UX designer than extroverts who may find it difficult to think deeply about a single topic for an extended time.

Introversion makes it easier for you to relate to software developers, who tend to be an introverted bunch. They’ll find you much more restful to deal with than the typically extroverted sales/marketing teams, who can suck the energy out of introverts without even noticing.

The key is to understand your introversion and balance your schedule to provide alone/quiet times between the meetings. If you are having a long series of interactions (such as when you are usability testing), clear your evenings and give yourself a quiet weekend at home. Schedule breaks or take lunch alone in a quiet place in order to grab a recharge during the day. If you’re at a conference, don’t allow people to fill your evenings with group activities unless it is critically necessary, or unless you can trade it off for alone time during the day.

I found that I’ve developed an outgoing secondary personality that I can haul out and use for situations where I need to interact with a group or do a presentation. I treat it as almost an athletic activity; I make sure my batteries are topped up and I’m prepared in advance.

Good to see now there are very less graphic designers who used to just beautify designs. The trend has changed all designers to move to design thinking and changed their thought process of seeing design from a different perspective.

We have a thought process trending UX Researchers is all that we need now, so the companies the HRs are hunting for just UX researcher without knowing the pros and cons of these profiles.

I call it a VIRUS which is affected to all to the candidates…

Today’s pandemic scenario where everyone is working from home and exploring new practices working solo using collaborative tools like Figma, Zoom, Trello etc to fight with the situation and manage their personal and professional life together with a lot of multitasking simultaneously.

There might be a lot of new experiences born at this time?

New User Experiences and use cases have born of these tools which might not have thought while doing research at that moment...

Sometimes i would like to do some things for myself and not for anyone else…

This Image is one of them which has lot of emotions with 2 of my favorite characters whom i loved to be with…

One was my old Hero cycle and the other character was my lover to whom i used to see with the help of this cycle. The story of this two characters both were attached with one another… So the Overall story which i would like to share is .. which i saw in social media and loved it .. and just modified for an concept based AD for Hero cycle which can be again taken back with modifications…..

This Image has a good caption written in Hindi says “I used to go to watch moon on my cycle ..” No scientist can compete me :)

The Trend is back again..This is just a story :)

Can Alexa Bring my Emotions Back. What Next?

I remember in my childhood i would get good sleep while surrounded with my parents hearing them talk…even neighbors were near and they were also like your own family. and now a days we dont,t know even who is next door now every individual is sitting with and Alexa at home.

That made me think if Alexa can help humans to bring back their emotions with customized voice overs ( Voice of your loved ones , your Mom, Dad, Siblings ) if me or my kid when they are alone can customize the audio of the person( they love) instead…


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