Dessert : The Impactful of FnB Business in Indonesia

Everyone loves dessert. We always buy and make a dessert cause it's so delicious. Even, they make dessert business is like hobby and improve income.


Siti Kusuma Wuryanti

2 years ago | 1 min read

Everyone loves dessert

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We know that dessert food can be the most delicious food andbooster for economics in Indonesia. By almost everyone loves sweet food, suchas snacks, cake, cookies, ice cream, etc. Not only that, it can be executionand promotion online (social media and e-commerce) mainly in the Covid-19 erathat makes us all everything online. They can get income better by sellingdesserts. Based on data, it needs the most amount of IDR 500 thousand until1.000.000 million for making dessert business.

For example, there are two layers of Oreo and it can be madeinto two dessert boxes. Butter 500 gr with using 4 until 5 times usage fordessert. Pure liquid plain milk 1000 CC which can later be used 2 times. 7grams of gelatin powder and 500 gr of cornstarch. The last ingredient thatneeds to be prepared is a jar of dessert containers later. The price is usuallyeach box measuring 10x10 (regular) worth IDR 80 thousand. So if it iscalculated, the capital opening up this business opportunity is not much. Byonly IDR 600 thousand, you can make 15 to 25 dessert packages as well asregular-sized Oreo variants. Potential entrepreneurs can get bigger profits ifthey buy their ingredients from the right seller. So that the manufacturingcapital can be more efficient and minimized again according to the budget. Theadvantage of this business is that it has a strong and long durability. As longas it is placed in a cold room like a special refrigerator, this food can lastlong enough for the next 2 days. So the risk of losses such as wasted anddamaged is smaller if you choose a dessert business opportunity.

There are tips for us in preparing dessertbusiness are prepare the popular dessert menu, provide the various size andmenu, sell by social media and e-commerce, and give discount or great sale oncertain events.


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