A Detailed Overview of Miami Cruise Ship Accident Lawyer

At the Delgado Trial Attorneys, our Miami cruise ship accident lawyer and personal injury lawyer started our combined law practice in Miami, Florida.


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At the Delgado Trial Attorneys, our Miami cruise ship accident lawyer and personal injurylawyerstartedourcombinedlawpracticeinMiami,Florida.Ourinjurylawfirmhasoverahalf-centuryofcombinedpersonalinjurylawexperience.Wehavebeenfightingfortherightsofthe injured and neglected since 1977.

Our Miami cruise ship accident lawyer can help you secure the justice and compensation yourcaseentitlesyouto.Moreover,ourindustryexperienceincludespreviouslydefendingthemajorcruise lines, their insurers known as Protection & Indemnity clubs, and underwriters.

Above all else, our experience as a Miami cruise accident lawyer allows us to strategize andadvocateforeveryclientwerepresenteffectively.That’swhyweunderstandeverycase,andeveryclientisdifferent.Webelievethattheonlywaytoensuretherecoveriesweobtainforourclients can be achieved through collaboration.Miami cruise accident lawyer

Cruise Ship PassengerAccidents

Our unique experience defending the major cruise lines gives us an insight into the best strategiesformaximizingourcompensationforourclients.Thatexperienceallowedustoseeevery type of accident that typically occurs onboard cruise ships.

However, regardless of the cruise line or specific cruise ship, slip-and-fall and trip-and-fallaccidents are consistently the most common passenger accidents that cause serious personalinjury.CheckFloridaTrip and FallInjury Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents and trip and fall accidents occur regularly on most oceangoing vessels,andcruiseshipsarenodifferent.AccordingtotheUKProtection&IndemnityClub,oneoftheworld’slargestP&IClubswithmanycruiselinesoperatingtoday,theseaccidentsrepresent nearly one-third of all catastrophic injury claims in the maritime environment. Check Miami Slipand FallAccident Lawyer


Common child injuries occur from falls on playgrounds, defective or dangerous toys, school busaccidents, car accidents, and inadequate care or supervision. The ability to recover damagesdepends on the type of accident, how severe the injuries are, and who was to blame. Check Miami ChildAccidentAttorney

AccordingtoFloridalaw,achildwhohasbeeninjuredhasalegalrighttobecompensatedforthedamages sustaineddue tothe negligenceor intentionalwrongdoing ofanother.

School,Daycare,and SummerCampAccidents&Injuries

Injuries at school, daycare, or summer camp are more common than most people think. Parentsassume that their children will be taken care of when placing them in the care of another personor group at a camp, daycare, or supervised program.

Under Florida law, licensed daycare and educational facilities must follow all state and localordinances,includingremaininguptocode.Unfortunately,accidentshappen,especiallyiftheadultsin charge do not properly supervisechildren. Miami Child Injury Lawyer


Slip and fall accidents happen anywhere and at any time: at a private residence, in a grocerystore, or on government property; for example, at a public park or library. If you were hurt in aslipandfallaccidentwhileonsomeoneelse’sproperty,evenifitseemslikeaminorinjury,itisimportantthatyouseekimmediatemedicalattention.


Likeallbusinessesthatopenthemselvestothepublic,storeshavealegalobligationtomaintainreasonably safe premises for the protection of their patrons. If you were hurt in a slip and fallaccidentinFlorida,Delgado TrialAttorneyscanhelpreviewyourclaimandfightforyourrightstoreceivecompensationforyourinjuries.CheckSlipAndFallLawyerMiami

Miami cruise accident lawyer, SlipAndFallLawyerMiami, Miami Child Injury Lawyer


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