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Deteriorating mental health: An alarming sign

Gives insight on factors responsible for depression, anxiety etc. Discuss psychological reasons for a person being unhappy. Also provides essential rules to have a happy and content life.


Mohd Anas Maan

4 months ago | 3 min read


This pandemic has taught us a lot of things- 

  •  Humans are fragile by ourselves; our strength lies in being part of a community. 
  • It has taught us to listen, to care, to respect, to love and to help. 

 More importantly it has taught us that “there is good in every evil.” Speaking of finding good in evil Because of the pandemic people become more aware of the words like depression, anxiety, stress, and mental health to be precise. Now counsellors and psychologists are being consulted by people who are suffering from mental trauma. Now they have been recognised more as compared with pre-COVID times. 

This pandemic made us sad, lonely, anxious, stressed, and depressed. According to the Canadian study, millennials are facing clinically significant anxiety. People are more prone to substance abuse since the pandemic. According to the data collected on mental health in UK, one in every five-person is facing depression. These people are facing symptoms that are significant enough to require clinical attention. 15% are anxious enough to meet the criteria of clinical disorder. These numbers are higher in adults. In more than 70 countries the pattern is same. 

According to International Labour Organization (ILO), 114 million jobs were lost worldwide during the pandemic. Mahesh Vyas, CEO Of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) has said that 10 million jobs were lost because of second wave, he further added that 97% of households' incomes have declined since the pandemic last year. 

According to experts' Indian population is also facing mental anxiety. Mythili Mazarika, Clinical psychologist says that Indian youth is also under a lot of pressure as they are worried about their career and jobs. She said that financial fear and worry about the future are the major factors that are deteriorating mental health. To improve the situation, she has started a telephone helpline where she has received 239 calls in the first two weeks and majority of the callers belonged to 19-35 age group, amongst them 46% were anxious, 22% were depressed. She said after talking to umpteenth number of callers she finds that majority of them were depressed because of their financial insecurity. She also mentioned that she has received a lot of calls where people we are on the verge of committing suicide because of the loneliness and anxiety they were feeling. 

Solely the pandemic is not the culprit, we have seen substantial number of cases of depression and anxiety pre-COVID as well. The only change is that because of the pandemic now the terms like depression, anxiety, mental health etc. have been recognised by people now they are taking the depression and anxiety problems more seriously. The lifestyle specially of today’s youth is also responsible for these problems as they do not like being guided by someone else, they make their own rules, they do not want any interruption in their life. Majority of them try to seclude themselves by living their life as per their whims and desires and often end up being alone. According to studies problems like loneliness, isolation, bullying, family violence, unemployment etc. are the major driving factor of mental health, depression, and sadness. As the aftermath of this there is proliferation in the number of suicides committed. According to NCRB data in India people died more because of suicide than to COVID-19. 

 Some psychological reasons of a person being unhappy-  

  • Dwelling on things you cannot control 
  • Surrounding yourself with people you do not like. 
  • Sticking and having remorse on the mistakes that you made in the past

One must solve the above-mentioned issues by following these essential rules to have a happy and content life

  • Must make peace and let go of your past. 
  • Time is the best healer. Take some time and let it heal all your wounds. 
  • Must Stop comparing your life with others. 
  • Decency and conduct are important but you must not be worried about what others think of you. 
  • Concern about others is important but you must not on all the world’s problems

It is in human nature he or she would never be satisfied no matter how good he is earning, how much facility does he have he always desires for more. So one must learn in the early days of his life to be content with what he has, must learn to enjoy the moment, to be sympathetic towards others, should try his best to not hurt the feelings of others. Having a feeling of compassion would be helpful in maintaining good relationships which is ample enough in itself to counter feelings of loneliness, anxiety, depression etc. In India, mental health problems are being recognised that is a good sign but more awareness is required. Only then we would be able to solve the emerging concern of mental health. 






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