Development Of Enterprise With The Essence Of Individuality

This book outlines how the policies of India can be used for the growth of an individual. As we know, the world is a binary platform so there are two sides . One is the enterprise which here means the company of the society and the other is the concept of U. With different areas , I have tried to touch an aspect of life.


Shubhangi Tripathy


Aakriti Club, JIMS VK

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Theme: Personal Development

Sometimes we look so forward towards homogenisation that often the essence of individuality gets lost. For instance, Walmartization is acting as a threat to local market. In the same way our minds are rather getting colonised with someone else’s thought and it acts as a threat to a person’s identity. We are getting into biometric world of Adhaar card which acts as a unique identification factor. Uniqueness and identity is something which work hand in hand . Deepankar Gupta, for the first time in India, used the term westoxication and if one put forward her/his opinion then this is leading to eraser of traditional culture.

When one looks at the term traditional then it doesn’t mean to go to the period where barter system was prevalent or where women where objectified but the traditional trait , in today’s context, means revival of distinguished values which acts as a growth factor. For instance, Aayush. Neem and Tulsi are something which holds medicinal value but it also holds core value. In the same way our individual values is something which makes us different.

~Encouraging uniqueness and standing out harming the capitalist vision

While individuals are paving ways to the world of solopreneur , often one overlooks the factor of uniqueness . The unique lifestyle requires a kind of integration too. For instance, Panchsheel policy in India, not only made tribals a part of Indian society but it also gave them right to progress in their own way. When one talks about harming capitalist vision, one should get inspired that both socialism and capitalism although is a different idea yet one should remember that while capitalism deals with privatization, socialism deals with state and equality. India have used a mixed model economy where states look after basic industries which was a very fundamental idea of Ambedkar state socialism but at the same time Ambedkar was inspired by urbanisation. One of the factor of urbanisation is industrialization and giving private sectors ,a way for development.

If one looks it through a visionary perspective, unique term is used beyond the boundary of capitalist vision. Capitalism often deals with inequality i.e increased working hours for workers. Although in most of the countries there is a fixed working hours yet often there are strikes which tells the sufferings of the labour class. Therefore, many people is getting inspired by the term Atmanirbhar.

Atmanirbhar is a chutnified version of the term self-reliant which was used by the present Prime Minister of India , Mr Modi . People have started their jobs as a stall worker, coders, content creators but then the idea of what else is also in question. For instance, people working under the 9-5 job is often claimed as the people who are bored of their life. Even in the happiness index , India was ranked 136 out of 146 countries in the United Nations' World Happiness Report, 2022.

~ Mental health and concept of “other”

Now, when we often overlook the factor of the growing unhealthy emotions of the human and the term "unhealthy emotion" if seen in today's context is the harm which our mental breakdown is doing to us and after the COVID we have seen that this is highly seen in the teenagers. Now, the question lies how the mental health is harming the factor of what we call unique. The question itself has an answer . Often the person advocates oneself to come to a conclusion that they are the "other" and it's not their mistake but the question lies here is who are the "others". Well, Shakespeare often in his plays had shown characters who are treated as "others" because of their caste, believes and culture . For instance, Malvolio in The Twelfth Night and Shylock in The Merchant of Venice.

"I say, this house is as dark as ignorance, though ignorance were as dark as hell."
-Malvolio, The Twelfth Night
When we talk about uniqueness in personality development, the factor of being distinguished from other in any of the traits are often a defining factor. When one sees these character of Shakespeare, one questions oneself whether uniqueness deals with otherness. The point , highlights, that our personality faces dark phase in our life.

~The art of Positive approach/ positive thinking

Now the dark faces are the obstacles which don't allow us to grow. Talking about obstacles and growth . The very first idea is often seen in the competitive nature of plants for sunlight. The second example is linked with first i.e the survival of the fittest. Through the obstacles of our life , one should remind herself/ himself of the motto of life and positivity is something that is defining feature of uniqueness.

Positivity though a common adjective for people is far beyond it's meaning . According to Hackman , in 'The Perils of Positivity', adaptation strategies come to dominate growth-oriented strategies for many people and if we further see then positivity is not something which is seeking for less or seeking for more. It is something that works as a partner with our capability.


Thus, the demand of survival is much less than our efforts but the demand of termed "good" life is high than our daily efforts .One has to maintain balance in life for one’s own survival and well-being.


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Shubhangi Tripathy


Aakriti Club, JIMS VK







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