The Difference Between "Getting Over Something" vs. "Getting Through Something."

We all experience mental drawbacks, but the essential aspect is understanding the experiences worth getting over and the experiences to fight through continually.


Dedrick C.

2 years ago | 3 min read

Understanding the difference can save you a lot of time in life.

We go through so much heartbreak, struggle, pain, misery, mishaps, and bullshit throughout our lives. Not saying we don’t have or do anything good throughout our lives, but our misfortunes always seem to stick with us more than the joy, happiness, success, and positivity we bring in our life.

Getting over something.

With that being said,e are going through a struggle or a situation, and we try to move past it. Most people say, “I’m over it!” Nothing is wrong with this, but it depends on what you are trying to get over. For example, if you and your partner are going through a rough patch in your relationship and you both decide to break up and be friends, and you tell yourself, “I’m over it,” you will create a deeper issue with yourself. When you get over something, it’s short-term, frivolous, and for the moment.

An example is when you buy your favorite meal on your lunch break. You make it back to work or your work area and drop all of it on the ground as soon as you get ready to eat your food. Yes, it sucks, and it’s a mishap, but it’s not anything threatening mentally or to your mental health. This means that it is something you can get over because you always buy another meal or more food.

I’m simpler terms. You can get over it. It’s not anything that holds moral, spiritual, mental, or emotional value because after you drop your food and go through your day a few days later, it won’t even be relevant because you can always get more or go back and get the same food. Then you think about the moment you drop your food, which will be funny. At least after the fact.

Getting through something.

Getting through something is different from getting over something. Getting over something is just letting it go and moving on. Getting through something is dealing with your situation and understanding you won’t ever get over it, but you can always find a way to get through it.

For example, my best friend and first-ever friend in life passed away in a tragic accident. This was my first time going through something traumatic at that degree. A few months after, I told myself, “I’m getting over it.” Once I accepted that I could, it was until shortly after I knew I couldn’t. Like the example I used earlier in this article about breaking up with your partner, you can’t get over something to that degree because those emotions, feelings, memories, and thoughts of that person will forever remain. I learned that through my journey with grief. I knew I couldn’t get over it, so the only thing left was to fight and find a way to get through.

Every situation and person is different, but I get through most of my struggles, mishaps, and pain by expressing myself through my art. I get through it by expressing all my feelings through whatever art medium I can. The way I got through my friend’s passing was to relive his life by writing a memoir about it. I express everything honestly, including my guilt. Every other day I read it and say to myself, “I keep fighting for you because you can’t anymore, at least physically.”

Understand what’s worth getting through.

Anything you can get over is irrelevant because you can drop it and have no second thoughts about it. But if you can’t find out if it’s worth the burden of getting through. And if you need to find a way to get through it or make one.


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