Difference between traditional games and NFT games

Even if you are not a gamer, you must have heard a lot about gamers leaving their jobs to play NFT games.


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Even if you are not a gamer, you must have heard a lot about gamers leaving their jobs to play NFT games. This news has been spreading like wildfire in the eastern countries as NFT gaming platforms a providing them better monetary benefits. What are NFT games, and how are they different from the traditional video games we play? Here is a short insight on it to enlighten you about the games that will become the future.

Play to earn NFT games!

The traditional video games we play is free to play games. Here whenever you need a better gaming experience, you have to buy an item spending your money on it. You do not own any of them exclusively, as they are stored on the developer’s server. You cannot resell them at any cost. You can only sell your entire gaming id to someone to get the money you spend on the game, which is of course, illegal. Recreational players who need a better gaming experience do not get any monetary benefits to form them. On the other hand, people who stream and play games full-time get very small benefits through streaming platforms and blogging sites.

NFT games or Play to earn NFT games came out along with monetary benefits for every gamer who plays the game. The in-game items are NFTs here, which can be sold anytime in an
NFT gaming marketplace. This can give gamers a profit when the value of NFTs increases. On the other hand, play to earn NFT games rewards gamers for the time and effort they spend on the gaming platfrom. They generally get rewarded in the form of cryptocurrency, and they can get fiat money by exchanging them.   


This benefit of earning while having fun made people get into these games. This has benefited many people, and it has been getting a lot of traction in recent times. With Metaverse and other concepts coming into the gaming industry, play to earn NFT games as a base will get big and bigger and will become the future of gaming very soon.


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