What are the different platforms to increase sales?

some tips on how to increase sales.


Casey Hill

3 years ago | 1 min read

This question hinges on several critical factors. First, you need to know what your weak point is.

Are you getting enough traffic? If not you need to look at your PPC ads, your brand exposure, your PR work, your social strategy and everything around traffic. Without traffic it will be very challenging to have sales

Then the question is are you getting conversions? Conversions might be immediate sales, if you are a lower cost point or transactional business, or they might be opt-ins or bookings if your are a higher cost point or service oriented business. If this stage is weak you will need to work on your offer (sometimes called your lead magnet), your page aesthetic etc.

Then are you getting good engagement? If you are a low cost point/transactional sale this means they are coming back to buy more products (good CLV, or customer life time value), they are referring friends and they are leaving glowing reviews. If this is the higher cost point/service based business this engagement might be between the opt-in/booking and the sale. So here good engagement means they are communicating back and forth with you on email or calls. They are giving you more and more info on their business.

They are the first three areas that I look to hone when I am consulting and helping a business increase sales. A good platform to help you not only send out the emails, take payments and organize these stages to sale, but also track the analytics and where you are getting bottlenecked in Ontraport.

Or if you know where you are having problems and already have a solution to take care of the email/CRM/payments side, I recommend reading this article I wrote on free tools to help you optimize at each stage of the sales cycle: Tools for Traffic, Page Conversion, Engagement


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