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Tanvir Rashik Shafim

a year ago | 1 min read

DogeCoin has been the talk of the town in recent times. But how it started , and how it got hyped , let's know today.

Back in 2013 , when the yellow doge was trending in the internet, Jackson Palmer, an Australian marketer and Billy Markus, a IBM software developer thought of combining two trendy topic of the time "Cryptocurrency" and "Doge" . Motive of this Litecoin based coin in the initial stage was not to enter the market as an AltCoin but as a joke only.
But ironically doge coin’s market valuation has crossed litecoin. Even now it is the 4th largest cryptocurrency coming after bitcoin, bitcoin cash (A fork of Bitcoin) and binance coin.

The Internet Hype:
It's really interesting how a joke made its place out in the cryptocurrency's world of wonders. Reddit's dogecoin tipping system increased its popularity by a lot and users started tipping each other with dogecoin.

In September 2018, Elon Musk , One of the richest persons living, came across Jackson Palmer to consult about the Twitter scams that were using the fake ids of Elon Musk to scam people. Then he came to know about Dogecoin. And 7 months later he twitted, “Dogecoin might be my favourite cryptocurrency.”

In the coming days and months, he twitted several times about dogecoin which directly or indirectly promoted dogecoin. Due to his influence on the internet generation, every time he twitted about DogeCoin, the value rose 25%-50%.

In 2021, 1 dogecoin crossed 50 cents. It had almost touched 80 billion market valuation at it’s peak.

Note: Investment in DogeCoin is neither encouraged or discouraged by us. DYOR first


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