Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

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Naman Sarawgi

3 years ago | 3 min read

It's 2021 and we're not just entering into a new decade but also in an era where we'll see the rise of technology at a very rapid rate, all thanks to 2020 for giving the digital world a boost.

We're just two weeks into 2021, and we have already seen or rather, I should say we have got an idea of what the future is going to be like. All thanks to recent developments in WhatsApp and the conflict between Facebook & Apple.

Moving forward this article will share some Digital Marketing Trends to watch out for in 2021 and prepare you for what's to come.

Here are some key trends to consider:

1.Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a new, personalized approach for doing business online. It involves conversation or a one-on-one interaction.

In today's time, the consumer wants a little more personal attention and interaction, rather than being just marketed to or sold to and feeling like the means to an end. Interestingly, when you take conversational marketing and pair it up with a Chatbot, the consumers desire to have more conversations with brands/businesses and it becomes a powerful combination. Therefore, Conversational Marketing is something to look forward to in 2021.

2. Micro Content & Webinars

We all know that the consumption of micro-video content is on the rise. All thanks to Instagram Reels, YouTube Shots etc. People are consuming more of such content as it is quick, fun and entertaining. Thus, brands and businesses need to invest in making micro-videos because that's where the audience is.

During the pandemic, we also saw a great surge in the number of webinars organized and actively participated in. In such a scenario, if one is looking to take to the digital world to conduct their business and sell their product or services then organizing webinars and building a community is super important!

3. Rise in Influencer Marketing

People trust people more than any advertisement or AI stimulated recommendation, and that's a well-known fact!

So, with the increasing popularity of niche-based influencers on Instagram and YouTube, brands will be more keen on collaborating with the influencers in their niche to increase their brand awareness and make the most of it by reaching their target audience.

4.Increase in popularity of Voice Search

With the increase in demand for voice devices and voice-based searches, one thing is clear that moving forward we're going to see a lot of smart integrations.

With that being said, if you want your website to pop right on top of a search related to your industry, you need to make sure that voice-based optimization is done on your website. In short, Voice SEO is going to be crucial. Voice Search is going to be game-changing and something to look forward to in 2021!

5.Lastly, Vocal for Local!

Vocal for Local is not just a mantra for the Indians when it comes to the digital world. Local businesses, in the near future, will have an opportunity to upscale their business exponentially. but for that they need to capitalize on Google My Business (GMB). Registering your business on GMB won't be enough.

Your GMB needs to be well optimized and updated from time to time to see fruitful results!

Apart from this, there's a possibility to see a peak in regional language content as well.

The unpredictable nature of 2020 has forced brands and businesses to think long and hard regarding how to connect with their target audience. The lockdown coaxed people to be stuck inside their houses, which led to them spending a lot more time online than they normally would.

This has pushed brands to branch out and figure out more human-centric ways of reaching their consumers. Thus, if you're planning a digital marketing strategy for your business, you must consider these trends without a doubt!

These were few of the Digital Marketing Trends one needs to watch out for moving ahead in 2021.


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