Distributed Learning Systems (Humans not AI)

How can we improve our learning system?


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A distributed system is a system whose components are located on different networked computers, which communicate and coordinate their actions by passing messages to one another from any system. (Wikipedia)

May is not only the month of Star Wars franchise it’s also the start of summer exams session. My goal for this session are two exams: Web Programming and Calculus II. During this period of study I consult not only my professors’ material but, obviously, also the internet resources.There are tons of effective tutorials, articles, exercises and so on, and this is not the first time that I consult the web (like any student), so I start to thinking about the actual flow of information, University and School idea in general provide the same schemes of learning: who teach who follow, it’s a centralized system.

Web or School Server

The school is the first place where we learn, (buzz sound) NO, it isn’t!everywhere is a good place where we can learn, school is the first place where we study, it’s different! Let me explain.Wake up early in the morning go to school (with my parents in my case) stay seated on the chair by hours, take homework go back to home, study and again the same routine for years. It’s boring! it’s useless! No it’s shape!

Through the years the topics change, the depth change, the way to arrive, but not the shape.I start to draw before the beginning of school, I drew cars and a lot of time before know Calculus and Physics my dream was be a Engineer!I had the curiosity not the shape, and nowadays it’s the same… but one thing per time.

Signal Noise ratio it’s a measure of quality in data exchange, in the web you can find a lot of things, if you want for example learn about dinosaurs you can find any type of videos or articles or whatever, it’s a tsunami of knowledge and it cans hurts! (not like a t-rex maybe)The problem is the amount of stuff you can find, what’s about the overlapping concept? Is it for your curiosity or for a research? Great doesn’t mean good!

Here on Tealfeed you can read a lot by experts or beginner, you have filters and you can find advises also.Internet is like a big city, the are tons of matters and streets but without a GPS is difficult live there.At the opposite of ring, school is like live in a very small city, if there isn’t a roller coaster you must change home.


The Open Source is a philosophy first of all, represents the will of includes ideas, make things better! In the Software-space open source Community create an entirely new world, a lot of technology we use are the consequences of freedom in make and learn.

A couple of weeks ago while I scrolled my Linkedin feed I saw a post that announces the new edition of a book, in the comment section I read: “every year a new edition” (Not the exactly words but the concept was that). This episode make me reflect on the actual need of know and stay updated, is it efficient?I discover an amazing book! It’s on Deep Learning, the name is Dive into deep learning. Its amazing feature: is an open source book! So the arguments and the topic are constantly update by the community.

Wikipedia is another famous example of open community contribution and learning need, but Wikipedia replace what already exist, simply has digitized the Academy. If you study on STEM area you search for math and probably you see the amazing animation of Grant Sanderson aka 3blue1brown, the boring abstract math turn into a dance of color and thanks the visualization technique is definitely more comprehensible. Spotify’s podcasts are also a great form of entertaining learning, you can listen what do you are interested while you are on the bus, it’s your time, you can suspend in any moment, speed up, or go forward you decide!

Ideas and Solutions Synchronization

School has the shape, the consistence, the path guided by goal, otherwise on the web or on the social media you can find the information instantly and entertaining but disconnected.

Through a world where knowledge flows there will be more room for ideas and from them new solutions for past and future problems. Limiting knowledge to a single place can be an understatement today. What must change is not the teaching paradigm, the new technologies but at school, instead a branched structure is needed that allows identifying a non-univocal path.

With the pandemic, remote learning was the only way, but there were already valid ones (Coursera). There must be greater integration between the digital and the physical world, and I’m not talking about the metaverse, I’m talking about a hybrid structure that rewards a resurrection based on need: for example, it is not necessary to register an Algorithm course if a valid one already exists, reinventing the wheel is a waste of time and does not enhance what is already available, thus increasing the noise. When the school will be recognized as one of the places to learn, when others, new, not yet existing, will welcome students of all ages united by the desire to know and learn; then we will have a new paradigm.


Today’s society cannot refer to the school model alone, it would be reductive, a central system has only one breaking point, a decentralized system, on the other hand, allows a more consistent management of resources and reacts better to changes. For a more aware world, the constituents already exist, what is missing is the structure, the interaction between worlds that respond to man’s need to know.


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