Diversity & Inclusion

We are individually as diverse as we could get!


Bhavana BP

3 years ago | 1 min read

This world is as diverse as it could get. Aren’t we all unique? Aren’t we all diverse – Differences in socio-economic status, gender, interests, languages, demography, ethnicity, color? The list goes on.

It is within these lines of diversity that we need to understand that we are still connected to each other at the core, as humans.

As humans, we work towards a common goal or an interest; keeping aside our background, differences and history to create & share things, to work and grow together.

Isn’t this worth a celebration? It is through this diversity that we get varied views & perspectives, numerous ideas and rich culture that enhances the essence of life.

A good leader will be able to amalgamate these diverse factors in a team, understand the strengths & limitations of the group and cajole them to grow into their best by understanding these differences.

The way I see diversity, it is that we are all diverse in our own way at different points in time, isn’t it? We have different moods, energy levels, beliefs, interests, levels of awareness & growth etc that suit the situation.

So, if we are ourselves so diverse, it is imperative that we accept the outside world too the way it is! It is but natural for diversity in Nature, right?

So, I believe Diversity starts from within. It is by becoming aware of our various emotions that we become more aware of the world around us. It starts from us. Inclusion is only a byproduct of this awareness of diversity. Inclusion that is forced from external entities such as policies & procedure have little effect on the workings of an organisation than the inclusion that comes from within through our awareness of diversity within us and in others.


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