Dmitry Bivol vs. Gilberto Ramirez Salaries for Upcoming Boxing PPV Fight

Both boxers are undefeated but one look in more inform after dominating opponent Canelo Alvarez in his past fight, it’s confirmed Bivol Get paid $500k from the fight and his opponent Ramirez leave arena $350k guaranteed which dont include the pay-per-view shares.


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5 months ago | 1 min read

The two boxers are undefeated and hopeful to retain their undefeated streaks but it looks difficult because one of them will be victorius in the upcoming weekend. The fight rights official hold by DAZN Promotions.

How Much Payouts Adjusted for Boxers?

It's currently difficult to predict, how much purse payouts reported for the both boxers but as per some news sources reported that $500k guaranteed distributed to Dmitry Bivol the Russian undefeated fighter while opponent Ramirez will take guaranteed purse of $350k from this fight.

PPV Share Bonuses : The pay-per-view share money for this boxing fight introduced it's confirmed that 60% goes to the Russian fighter and 40% will hold by the Ramirez the Mexican undefeated boxer.

This means at the end of the fight both fighters will claimed total purse of $2.5m, from which maximum will payout to the rising talent Bivol who defeated Canelo Alvarez in his previous fight. The previous fight payouts details taken from (Sportspayouts).


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