What Does Assigning Value To A Google Analytics Goal Enable?

Do you know what does assigning value to a google analytics goal enable? We have covered everything here for you.


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Do you know what does assigning value to a google analytics goal enable? We have covered everything here for you.

If you run a website or two, you must be familiar with Google Analytics. For those who have heard of this terminology, but not quite sure why it is so popular, let’s break it for you.

As per Google’s description, “Google Analytics is a web analytics service… that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand.” The service took off in November 2005.

Simply put, Google Analytics aids you in understanding web customers or visitors better by providing free tools to analyze data. Read on to know more.

What is value on Google Analytics?

Not every website has the same aim or target. You might build a website to purely dispense knowledge, or sell handicraft items that you make during the weekends. Your website could be aiming to attract bigger global businesses and collaborations from leading industrialists. There are certain websites that don’t sell, but purely seek data to conduct surveys. Whatever be the aim of a website, Google Analytics helps in streamlining goals.

Assigning a goal value to Google Analytics is not mandatory, but experts in the field suggest goals tell you if the website meets the objectives. If you run a website, assign a value to Google Analytics. It will:

  • Analyze website conversion
  • Study goal conversions
  • Assess real-time revenue
  • Track genuine revenue made from conversions

While assigning a value to website goals, avoid doing these things:

  • Don’t crowd the analysis by burdening with too many goals, else you will miss the point quite often! Unspecified goals can muddle the true performance of your website with inflated numbers.
  • Don’t let traffic to your site cloud your business decisions. Increase in traffic resulting from multiple goals could be from an insignificant task, such signing up for the newsletter.

Such actions do not bring in revenue for your business, but throw insight into user behaviour. So you know now what is value on google analytics but do you know what does assigning value to a google analytics goal enable?

Google Analytics Goals

Streamlining goals in Google Analytics is important as it helps in optimizing a website. This allows Google Analytics to provide important data that includes conversion frequency for your website. By setting goals, you can assign values and compare the metrics. Goal values are crucial to gauge your website’s performance.

Let’s look at the benefits of setting Google Analytics goals:

1: Accurate revenue calculations

2: Free trials of product/small business

3: Track progress of business

1: Accurate revenue calculations

Assigning a value to a Google Analytics goal gives insight about the origin of your revenue. You get information, such as value of each visit to your business, percentage of customers coming from organic search vis a vis paid ad campaigns. It also shares data about the revenue that comes from keyword, campaigns and referral. By giving a monetary value to Google Analytics goals, you not only get to assess and make money from your conversions, but also derive neat revenue reports.

2: Free trials of product/small business

Small businesses and single product websites can benefit greatly from Google Analytics goal. For example, you can pick your handmade beaded jewellery item and assign it a goal value to conduct a trial run. The data collected from such a task can give you an accurate idea if your product is going to sell well.

3: Track business progress

With change in time, your business metrics will fluctuate. To avoid receiving misleading data, update your Google Analytics goals regularly by reassigning the values.

There is a popular myth that bigger online traffic means monetization of your business. In reality, if the traffic doesn’t bring in business, then it’s of little value. Setting goals in Analytics can help avoiding such situations.

Final Note -

Hope you are now clear with what does assigning value to a google analytics goal enable? If you still have questions, feel free to reach out through comments.

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