What Does Embodiment Have to Do with Your Creativity?

If you are struggling with being creative, start connecting with your body first


Kasia Patzelt

2 years ago | 2 min read

Many of us don’t see ourselves as creative. Or even if we do we might have a feeling of being stuck in our creativity. It may be something we feel we would like more of, something that we long for but don’t really know how to get.

That was my story exactly.

As a kid I used to draw, paint, sing and dance and express myself in whatever way possible. All the time!

Then, somewhere between school and becoming a ‘responsible adult’, the seriousness of life started. And my creative spark began shriveling away.

I could still feel it there, in the background somewhere, patiently waiting, but I never had time for it! And when I did have time, I had too many layers of doubts and insecurities in the way to just go for it.

Everything changed when I did my breathwork training

I can say that that was really the moment when my journey of embodiment began. Imagine, a whole week of deep connected breathing every day releasing layers upon layers of tension and stagnant energy. Every day allowing myself to feel emotions I had put away, allowing myself to be vulnerable and to connect to others.

After that week I remember feeling like a child again. Free, light, and alive. I felt connected to myself, my feelings…and my longing to express.

True creativity can only flow when we are connected to our whole being

It was a true revelation and a big learning in seeing that my creativity is a direct mirror of how embodied I feel. And that was much easier to take care of than trying to unstuck my creative self!

Creativity is your life force in free flow

We all are creative beings. We just have forgotten how to stay connected to our bodies.

How can you expect it to be in free flow when your day is cluttered with to-do-lists, worries, responsibilities and possibly sitting in the same position for a long time every day?

In order to feel the creative spark, you do have to move (ideally in ways you don’t usually do- like dancing for example), to breathe, to make sound, to play, and whatever else it takes to feel alive again.

And that’s actually much easier than you think. All it takes is to give yourself permission. After all, what makes you more human: only sitting and thinking, or balancing it out with moving and feeling?

So whatever it is that you are trying to create, start by moving. Even if you feel stuck, you can express your stuckness and that already will take you out of the mind loop into your body. From there all you need to do is trust the process.

To your creative spark, enjoy the journey back home to your body!


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Kasia Patzelt

Kasia's passion is embodiment and what it takes to become authentically human. Her background includes bodywork, psychedelics, counseling, meditation, art, dance, breathwork and HeartIq. She helps people to release trauma and cultivate a truly compassionate relationship to self, others and the beyond.







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