What does Last line no longer available mean?

Why does my iPhone keep saying last line no longer available message?


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What does it mean when the iPhone displays last line no longer available?

This error may appear on an iPhone with a Dual SIM configuration when it has trouble detecting the default or preferred line while attempting to make a phone call. It primarily affects the various iPhone 13 models, but it can also affect other Dual SIM-enabled iPhone models.

Some iPhone users have received Last line no longer available

essage when attempting to call a contact. As it turns out, the error message has been observed to appear after a recent update, after which the device is unable to select a line to make the requested phone call. Typically, the issue is caused by the eSIM being activated after a particular update, but this is not always the case. This article will demonstrate how to resolve the error message in question, so please continue reading.

When the eSIM is activated on your phone and you are also using a physical SIM, the device may become confused as to which line to use when attempting to make a call, resulting in the error message. In some instances, the issue may also manifest itself when network selection or Wi-Fi calling are enabled. Before discussing the various methods for resolving the issue, let's examine its causes so that you have a better grasp of the situation.


Wi-Fi Calling — Having Wi-Fi calling enabled is one of the possible causes of the error message in question. In such a case, you will need to disable it from your phone's settings to resolve the issue.

Network Selection — In certain instances, the network selection setting on your phone can also result in the aforementioned error message. Network selection permits manual or automatic network selection. As it turns out, you must disable the automatic network selection to resolve the issue.

Recent Call Logs — As it turns out, your recent call logs are the primary cause of the error message in question. Reportedly, the issue has been affecting contacts who were present in your recent call logs prior to an update. Therefore, you must clear the call logs to circumvent the issue.


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