How Does Seat assignment work on Sun country?

If you have doubts about Sun country baggage fees, then you can move to the Sun country customer service executive via a toll-free number which is available 24 hours and seven days. The number can be dialed from your preferred location.


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Sun country Airlines provides you with a digital platform where you can select your seats according to your convenience. The airline provides a seat map with the help of which you can choose the seat option according to your comfort. But How does seat assignment work on Sun country? If you are traveling with the Sun country airline, then you should be aware that if you don't select your seat on your own, then the airline will automatically randomly assign your seat at check in for free. You can buy seat assignments online and can select your seat.

The airline provides seat assignments to their passengers at $5, and sometimes these assignments fees may vary based on the specific routes and location of aircraft.

You can look into the seat prices for your flight on the seat page via online mode at the manage my trip option, and you can go for the online check in within 24 hours of departure of flight.

Airlines provide big front seats installed at the first rows of your aircraft, and it has 32% more legroom than deluxe leather seats, and the big front seats are also wider, and you will not admit a middle seat between the seats.

If you are getting access to your reservation more than 24 hours before the departure of the flight, then you can add new seats or modify the seat links according to your convenience.

If you are getting access to your reservation within 24 hours before the departure of flight ( minimum 1.5 hours prior to the departure ) the airline suggests purchasing the seats through an online check-in process.

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