Does Your Workplace Need Branding?

Workplace branding plays a key role in realizing that its employees live and work by its values.


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Average companies are all alike. Every great company is great in its own way. If you look past what is projected of a brand on television and social media, you will notice that the one common feature to all successful businesses is what goes on behind the screen. What makes an organization great are its employees, its core values and how well its work culture embodies those values.

The main goal of every company is to ensure that its employees live and work by its values. Workplace branding plays a key role in realizing that goal. You would be hard-pressed to find a great company with a lackluster work environment. People today are more aesthetically aware than ever, be it with the products they use, the place where they choose to spend their leisure time in, and most importantly, their workplace. A well-designed workplace is very important to attract and retain employees, investors, potential clients and customers. Although branding is a nuanced subject, let us look at a few basic ways in which workplace branding influences the organizational culture.

Boosts the morale and productivity of employees

The right workplace branding can have a huge impact on the spirit of your employees. A comfortable and aesthetically pleasing workplace is conducive to a motivated, energetic and productive workforce. Even a gesture, as simple as providing ergonomic office furniture, communicates to your employees that you care for their comfort and value their contribution. It is even better if you can take their inputs while designing the office space.

Encourages employee loyalty

Good workplace branding helps to instate a sense of pride among employees. It makes them feel that they are part of a forward thinking organization, and instills a sense of loyalty towards their employers. They will be more dedicated and rigorous with their work, have a stronger sense of ownership, and will be less likely to leave the company. Organizations can retain their best employees more easily and avoid the hassles of constant re-recruitment.

Attracts potential clients

Workplace branding is very important for potential clients. If your office is branded with your company culture, theme and brand value, it leaves a big impression on them when they visit. It amplifies the ethos of your company and displays your professionalism and prestige, encouraging the client to do business with you.

Incorporate branding in the workplace the right way

Workplace branding does not mean that you have to paint everything in the workplace with the theme color of the company. The scope of branding is much greater than that. For starters, you can cover the office doors and fixture with the theme color. You can incorporate idiosyncratic, catchy pieces of furniture, lighting, game equipment and cutting-edge electronics depending on the nature of your business.

Make sure to take the help of a good designer to come up with the company logo. It should be simple, aesthetically pleasing and in line with your core values. Once you have the logo ready, print it on the building façade and doors so that it is easy for clients to find you.

Toot your horn

Do not shy away from displaying the achievements of your organization, from awards and press releases to product displays and client testimonials. You can even display your goals and targets at your business centers. For instance, you can have a world map showing the locations where your business is flourishing, along with highlighted locations of interest. Not only does it show prospective clients that you are serious about your business, it will also push your employees and management to achieve the targets that you have set for yourself. You can honor the company’s best-performing employees as part of your workplace branding strategy.

Another effective way to integrate branding into your office space is to highlight the moral and ethical values of your company. However, you need to make sure that it is expressive and conveys the brand value and corporate culture of your organization. If you are a growth-oriented company, you cannot afford to ignore the role workplace branding plays in influencing employees, potential clients and investors.

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur and was written by Kewal Kapoor.

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