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What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin was Introduced as a 'joke currency' on 6 December 2013, Dogecoin was created by programmer Billy Markus from Portland, Oregon, who hoped to create a fun cryptocurrency that could reach a broader demographic than bitcoin.


Anubha Singh

3 months ago | 1 min read


Dogecoin is a shared, open-source cryptographic money. It is viewed as an altcoin and a practically mocking image coin. While it was made apparently as a joke, its blockchain still has merit. Dogecoin was dispatched in December 2013. It is as yet a well-known coin with diggers.

Its fundamental innovation is gotten from Litecoin. Its market capitalization is under $500 million. As of December 2020, its market cap rank given by CoinMarketCap is 46. Dogecoin began as a joke dependent on a mainstream 2013 image. It depends on Litecoin and has similar innovation behind its verification-of-work.

Key elements of Bitcoin cash include:

  • Fun Logo
    Dogecoin advertised itself as a “fun” variant of Bitcoin with a Shibu Inus (Japanese canine) as its logo. Dogecoin’s easygoing introduction fits the disposition of the expanding crypto network.
  • Inflationary coin
    Its script innovation and limitless stockpile was a contention for a quicker, more versatile, and purchaser benevolent form of Bitcoin. Dogecoin is an “inflationary coin,” while cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin are deflationary in light of the fact that there’s a roof on the number of coins that will be made.
  • Crypto bubble
    Dogecoin’s worth soar with the remainder of the crypto-verse during the air pocket that crested toward the finish of 2017, and it fell with the remainder of the crypto-verse more than 2018. At its stature, Dogecoin was exchanging for $0.018 and had a market cap of over $2 billion.

Dogecoin Price in India


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