Don't Let a Bad Photo Ruin Your Travel Plans: What to Do When Your Passport Photo Gets Rejected

Rejected passport photos are one of the main reasons passport denials occur.


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Rejected passport photos are one of the main reasons passport denials occur. Even though they may think they have it all, many people face the problem of poor passport photos being denied for different reasons. This can cause a significant delay in your passport application process and could lead to additional complications.

This blog will discuss What happens to a passport photo that is rejected, why it was rejected and what you can do to fix it as quickly as possible.

Passport Photo Regulations - These are important to know before applying:

To be recognized by the U.S. Department of the State, every passport must comply with certain criteria. These rules and regulations apply to all passport photos, regardless of whether you take them digitally or with assistance from a visiting photographer. These are the essential elements of a standard passport photo.

  • The passport photograph must be taken within six months of the date.
  • Printing must be done on a specific paper, such as matte or glossy.
  • Stitched at the designated area of the application
  • You must have a photo that is at least 2x2 inches (51x51mm)

What are the Main Reasons for Rejected Passport Photos? These Passport Photo Tips will help you:
Many people are required to renew their passports, mainly because they don't know the reasons. Here are some common reasons why passport photos may be rejected by an authorized department. These errors can be corrected by learning passport photo tips.

Passport Size Dimensions Misaligned Photo:
Rejection is caused by the failure to attach regular/normal-size images with your application. The 2x2" size for photo prints is the acceptable or standard size. The US department also provides a template for passport photos that will allow you to pose in your photo.

Passport Photo Template

  • According to the standards, your nose must be straight and at the center of the photograph.
  • You should also center your face so that there is enough space between you and the top of the image.
  • The position of your eyes should be approximately 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 (1.125-1.375 inches) from either the bottom or lower edge of your passport photo.

These passport photo tips will help you fix your photo size.

Improper/Bad passport photo backgrounds:
It is not necessary to use a black, sky blue, or multi-colored passport photo background color. You can only use a white background with no wrinkles or stains. Avoid any background elements that could cause shadows to your passport photo.

To avoid shadows or reflections in your passport photo, you can use a large poster board or a plain white sheet.

Bad Passport Quality:
Bad or excessive lighting can also be a reason for rejected passport photos. Any shadows in a passport photo could result in your application being denied. Also, your face shouldn't be too brightly lit.

To make your passport photo professional, you will need to use natural saturation as well as without additional image filters.

Furthermore, final products or photo prints must be printed on glossy or matte paper. These should not be too dark or bright.

Proper Wardrobe and Wearable Accessories:
This section contains many regulations and rules because people have a lot of wearable accessories.

You can get a medical certificate from your doctor if you have a serious medical condition that requires glasses. If you have a severe medical condition, glasses may be allowed to be worn on passport photos.

A common question regarding clothing is how to dress for a passport photo.
Are you curious about the options available to you? For passport photos, the clothing should be casual. No uniforms or camouflage patterns. Avoid hairbands, scarves, bows, and any other type of ribbons.

However, religious wearing such as Muslims wears a hijab. Sikhs also carry turbans etc., so a signed statement is required in this situation.

Most facial piercings that are not acceptable are considered unacceptable.

The Bad Poses:
Do not bend your shoulders, tilt your head or look at the camera unfocused. No matter whether you are standing or sitting, your shoulders must be straight. Your head should be at 90 degrees. You must also direct your eyes to the lens.

Can you smile in a passport photo, beside this? You should not show emotion.

Revision of the Passport Photo Regulations in Points

Poor quality of photography, such as overexposure or underexposure, filters, wrong size or shadow, etc.

Eye expressions and facial positioning such as wide smiles, frowns, smirking, or blinking are all examples of excessive emotive expressions.

Accessories and clothing that are not officially acceptable - sunglasses, prescriptive glasses, hats. uniforms. reflective jewelry. head coverings. tinted glasses.

Aftermath: Rejected Passport Photo Photos What are the Essential Steps?

What happens if my passport photo gets rejected? You will need to submit your passport photo and other documents. If the passport is declined, you will be notified and given instructions on how to apply for a new passport. It is the responsibility of the agency to notify you about any issues they encountered while processing your application. Later, they will disclose the reason behind passport photo rejections.

After you receive an official letter from the agency, you will need to submit the required photo again according to the instructions and predefined rules for passport photos. This will avoid any complications. Your application will be placed on hold until you submit the correct photograph.

These steps are required for submitting photos again:

  • Create a new photo that meets all requirements and guidelines
  • If necessary, attach any additional supporting documents
  • Within 90 days after receipt of the letter, all documentation must be sent back to the department.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided via email or phone, please call the agency.

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