Don’t Let COVID Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

There are a million different things that are worse.


Kevin Shan

2 years ago | 2 min read

I’ve seen both sides of the COVID worry spectrum. Some people are so worried that they haven’t been to a restaurant in two years now. Other people think the worry about the virus is dumb and ignore the rules.

There are many different arguments for both sides.

Catching COVID-19 can have lasting hurtful effects on your lungs. The symptoms are terrible, and you can possibly die from them.

But the chances of people actually dying from COVID-19 are super low. Most people who get COVID-19 only have minor symptoms anyway.

Sometimes, the stress that people put on themselves due to COVID is unreasonable. Some people stop living their lives to avoid the virus, which is a terrible way to live.

There Are Millions Of Ways To Die

There are tons of different ways to die in this world. You can get cancer, be hit by a car, shot, the flu, mauled by a bear, poisoned, stabbed, and so on.

If people are so worried about getting COVID-19, shouldn’t they worry even more about all the other things that are more likely to kill them?

Like if someone is so scared to leave the house because they might catch COVID and die, that person should be equally as afraid to leave the house because they can get hit by a car, get assaulted, or die of some other reason.

And if you do start thinking about all the ways you can die suddenly, your thinking becomes very pessimistic. If all these things can kill me, what’s the point of living?

Stressing your brains out about the coronavirus often initiates negative thinking about how everything can kill you. And if it doesn’t, it makes no sense to be focusing so heavily on one virus that can hurt you when there are millions of other death causes to look at.

COVID-19 is just another thing that can kill you on top of the other few million things. It doesn’t make sense to stop living because we fear dying.

COVID-19 Is Not Fake News

COVID-19 is not fake news, but neither does it deserve as much attention as it’s getting. The strict orders to lock down restaurants, gyms, shops, and schools were a little outrageous.

It is good that COVID-19 has driven people to really care about sanitizing and good hygiene, though. Most of our problems with the virus are solved by people taking good care of themselves.

It is a little crazy to see that even as restrictions are lifting and 80% of the population being vaccinated, people are still too scared to even come out of their houses.

Like really? As long as you’re not trying to catch COVID by walking around trying to kiss random strangers and licking your hand after touching doorknobs, the chances of getting COVID are pretty low. And even if you do catch COVID, the likelihood that you die is even lower.


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