Don't let customers read your Product brochure (instead do vice versa)

When was the last time you showed a brochure to your customer and their expression was as if looking at blank pages? well, let's discuss how can you make your brochure look interesting and eventually lead them to buy something. In other words, let the brochure do that talking.


Moitrish Majumdar

a year ago | 2 min read

Let the brochure do the conversation

Product brochures should not be just a thin booklet of products your brand provides, it should be a manipulated directory for your customers. Well, the word manipulation should not be considered negatively here, but rather positively. Why? I will tell you in the latter half.

So does your product brochure steals your customer’s eyes? does it hold enough potential to persuade your customer to buy something at least? if it doesn’t, then don’t worry I can help you to make your brochure, if not the best, but a better one definitely, with just three simple ideas.

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Idea 1 -

  • Before even talking about the products, you should talk about your brand, it is true that a product brochure should contain every detail of the product, and must not delay in getting into the arena of product descriptions, but the brochure can afford at least 2 pages to let your talk about your brand.
  • Place the logo big on the front page, big means big, not anything tiny at the bottom or in the right corner, to get extra space for some special deals you want to give to your customer.
  • The logo or the brand name should be kept catchy, and of course, you need to have related pictures or illustrations as well as designs but a big Logo is a thing on the front page, and importantly it should also showcase your brand's, motto, ideology, etc.

Idea 2 -

  • Neuroscience studies have found that, when we read any product brochure or folder, we tend to miss out on the content on the left page and grasp almost everything on the right page, to say it more precisely, the content on the right side of the left page, and the content of the left side of the right page, gets the maximum attention, followed by the content on the right side of the right page, then the least attention is given to the content on the left side of the left page.
  • So try keeping your best deals in the middle part of your brochure, the items which can promise to give you a good profit margin, advertise them in the area, where more attention is given.

Idea 3 -

  • Keep everything inside the product brochure following a good alignment, don’t just randomly place them. Many brands do it, to break the silos, but it looks clumsy.
  • Don’t make it crowded with products and descriptions, keep breathing spaces for the eyes to rest. White spaces are important in product brochures too (just the way it is important in websites).

Idea 4 -

  • Follow a similar pattern to place the products in the brochure. Like, placing the price in the bottom right corner, the description on the left side, product name on the top, will train the customer’s eyes to easily skim through the product’s details easily.

These ideas will definitely improve the performance of your product brochure. Don’t just make it just another product display medium, don’t just let it be seen by eyes, but by your customer’s mind as well.

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